Hazard Mitigation Grant Not Approved

The State of Wisconsin Division of Emergency Management informed the Town of Bell on January 6, 2017, that our pre-application submitted under DR-4276 for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program to re-route the Siskiwit River at Highway 13 was not selected for funding. The State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Katie Sommers, reported that the DR-4288 program will not have near enough funding to pay for our project as there were 51 pre-applications totaling over $27 million submitted and only $2.2 million available total. “At this time, acquisition and demolition of floodprone properties are the top priority for this program and we received more applications for that project type than we could approve with the available funding” Ms Sommers stated. She also said that”the project seems worthwhile and I certainly encourage you to continue to seek funding for it through this and other programs. Following a larger disaster (like the 2008 floods), we have more money available and can then fund larger projects. I commend you for recognizing the need to implement mitigation measures to prevent future disaster damages and encourage you to continue addressing mitigation activities in your community.”