Presented by Town Chair Roger Lindgren at the Annual Meeting on June 9, 2020.


Thank you to fellow board members for their active participation in our Town government and their advocacy for and attention to the Town’s vitality and prosperity.

A big thank you to all volunteers whose efforts do much to create and maintain our culture and facilities.

Thank you to the CBA and all the businesses in our Town that work so hard every day to provide employment and provide services that we all need and enjoy.

Thank you to our Town employees that maintain our roads and manage our public places and services.

Thank you to all the residents and landowners that support the Town financially and are collectively, in the end, the character of the Town.


Through the efforts of volunteers much was accomplished within the last 12 months. For example:

  • The tennis court was repurposed into one tennis court and two pickle ball courts. This is supporting a very popular and healthy activity.
  • The Learning Center was created, and distance learning classes started.
  • The South Shore Food shelf was given a new home with permanent shelving and cold storage / display facilities.
  • Our Parks and Lands Committee continued the Superior Avenue Beach restoration and dune stabilization.
  • A fitness room was established, but its debut has been delayed by the dreaded COVID.
  • The Library was well used and a successful Author series was conducted.

Other topics:

  • The Planning Commission performed its regular duties regarding permits etc. A special project – the WisDOT MLS grant request for improvement of our “Main Street” and Harbor was a huge project and was distinguished by valuable input and direct participation from many residents. Although we were not successful in achieving the grant, we do have a basis for future planning.
  • We have updated and continue to improve our website.
  • The Recycling Center continued in cost savings efforts, conducted first annual Large Item Pick-up, and is scheduling the next one for this summer
  • A Harbor Commission was established as required by State Statute.
  • Our Airport was improved by and a successful fly-in brought more attention to it.
  • Our Town Crew had a very successful trial with “Flake CaCl” instead of the liquid. This enabled us to treat more miles of road for the same cost. Many other improvements were made and are outlined in Matt Hipsher’s PowerPoint
  • The Harbor dredge was completed, and the boat ramp parking lot has been resurfaced.
  • Numerous streets in the Village were paved.
  • We formed an Emergency Preparedness Committee that has been working hard to identify potential disasters and develop mitigation, response, and recovery actions that will be valuable in case of an event but, hopefully, we will never need. Additionally, they are working on personal readiness planning – you probably received the survey.


The year sure presented some serious challenges.  Lake Superior reached record high levels and resulted in flooding of the harbor shop area, destruction of our beaches, and break wall access. Much effort was given to obtaining solutions or mitigation actions from various agencies such as the Corps of Engineers, Wisconsin Coastal Management, etc.  These agencies have been overwhelmed by demand for services so our efforts to achieve help have, so far, been unsuccessful.  Truth is we cannot control the Lake – we must learn to live with the changes in level.

The December “Snowmageddon”   caused  much disruption and at the same time brought forth much community spirit and compassion as our residents and town employees rose to the challenge and helped their neighbors!

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent guidance from CDC and consequently the Bayfield County Health Department has complicated our lives!  Thank you to townspeople that have been doing their best to avoid community spread to protect our most vulnerable residents.

We are all weary of these restrictions and need to work on strategies to build confidence, re-open and go forward while still respecting our fellow citizens vulnerability and their preferences.


Thank you