January 12 Board Minutes

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
Following the Caucus at the

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.  Board members present were Roger Lindgren, James Kaseno, Andrew Sauter Sargent, Allen Hahn, Jackie Eid, MaryBeth Tillmans and Janice Olson.

– Board Meeting Minutes – A. Hahn made a motion to approve the minutes and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous. Approved.
– Treasurer’s Report – J. Eid made a motion to approve the report and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Vote (4-1) Yes – R. Lindgren, A. Sauter Sargent, J. Eid, J.  Kaseno.  No – Allen Hahn.
– Tillmans and J. Olson will meet with A. Hahn and A. Sauter Sargent to go over and explain the monthly reports.

Board Comments –
– Hahn has been going over the ordinances with the Parks and Lands committee and the Planning Commission. He has also been working on the Recycling Ordinance. He thanked everyone for their work and input.
– Lindgren reminded everyone that they can sign up to receive town minutes and updates on MailChimp on the town website.

Correspondence – Reviewed

 Committee Reports – Committee reports submitted prior to the meeting were reviewed.
– Fire Dept – They had two alarms. One was a mutual aid and the other was to set up a helicopter landing zone.
– Parks and Lands – Snowmobile access to the lake at the end of Superior Ave. was discussed. Snowmobiles were going on the dune area without posts and ropes. Posts and yellow rope were placed in that area. The committee is creating a list of future goals and plans. The 2021 budget was reviewed.
– Recycling – A. Hahn has been working on a new Recycling ordinance. He is updating the recycling manager job description. A tire recycling event is being planned. Things are slower at the recycling center.

Public Comments –
– Shaun McElhatton – He had concerns about the new ATV route on Old Hwy 13.
– Tillmans – The Cornucopia Food Panty is looking for volunteers to help with the carrying of heavy items on Weds. and Thurs. Kathy Broadwell or Lori Kazinski can be contacted.
– Doug Becker – A. Sauter Sargent for the Parks and Lands committee should be included in the financial reports review with M. Tillmans and J. Olson.
– Yvette Fleming – When will the assessor be reviewing properties for improvements? Permitted improvements are reviewed yearly.  M. Tillmans will speak with the assessor to find out when all properties will be reviewed and respond to Yvette.

Old Business
– Fireworks Ordinance – The ordinance has been reviewed and will be published.
– Transient Vendor Ordinance – The ordinance was reviewed by R. Lindgren and Greg Weiss. A subgroup with G. Weiss will work on the ordinance and bring it to the board for approval next month.
– ATV route – Klemik to Old 13 – update – Lindgren spoke with Amy Egstad, the local DNR warden about the ATV trail.  If it is a two way trail that is open day and night, it must be 40 feet off of the road. There are concerns about the crossing at the curve.  More work needs to be done.
– HAP Grant Award – The grant is in two parts. One part provides for sheet piling around the west side of the river to the gas dock at Siskiwit Bay Marina. The other part is to provide sheet piling along the east side of the river, if in the event that town does not get the BIG or RBF grants for that purpose. The grant is through WisDOT. They will be sending a document that they would like the town to respond to by Jan. 31. The document will need to be examined. A maintenance agreement will need to be done with Siskiwit Bay Marina. A conduit document will be needed to be created.  It will be worded to read that the grant is to the town, but that the work will be done at Siskiwit Bay Marina and that they will be responsible for the matching funds. A CD in the form of a bond will be needed from Siskiwit Bay Marina before any work begins. A. Hahn made a motion to authorize R. Lindgren to have permission to do the work necessary to file the HAP grant and to file the HAP grant. Sauter Sargent 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Outside Lamp Posts at Community Center – both now LED – Receiving a bid to install the 3 pole lights, Solar parking lot lighting. Lindgren is getting a quote for solar lights. The poles are dark sky compliant.

New Business
– Potential review of the International Dark Sky Association information to use when undertaking lighting projects and consider an ordinance – Hahn will look into potentially reviewing and drafting a resolution or ordinance.
– Permission to go out for formal bids to install back-up generator – Eid made a motion to give permission to go out for formal bids on a back-up generator and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Agreement to make CC an official Red Cross Disaster Shelter – Lindgen and Y. Fleming completed a survey and measured rooms for a Red Cross Shelter. If the town signs up the building as a shelter, it will become part of network. There is a Red Cross truck in Ashland, with supplies that could be available in case of an emergency. Hahn made a motion to approve an agreement with the Red Cross to make the Community Center an official disaster center and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Disposal of recycling truck – The recycling truck has outlived its usefulness. A. Hahn made a motion to scrap the
recycling truck and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Recycling Ordinance – The ordinance was reviewed. A. Hahn made a motion to approve the 2021-01 Recycling Ordinance and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Tasty Plunder request CLASS A driveway permit – The permit is a request for an extension of Sunset Dr., to be able to put driveways into their properties. J. Eid made a motion to approve the CLASS A permit to Tasty Plunder and A. Hahn 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Extended rental of Learning Center – 4-6 weeks for sewing project – There is a request from Sarah Mehalick, a community member to use the Learning Center room for a sewing project and be able to leave project materials there.  They would like to have the room starting in February for 4 – 6 weeks. They could move their project materials to the side, if the room is needed. They would pay $65.00 a week. There were no objections from the board.
– Computer Training – MaryAnn Ledin, a resident who is a WITC business instructor has sent a letter to the board about doing a presentation. It would be on classes for the town, as part of the town’s Lifelong Learning Courses. R. Lindgren asked the board to email their thoughts and comments about having her do training classes for the board on Word and Excel.
– Fire Dept. CDs – Approval of two signatures – A new signature card is needed for the two Fire Dept. CDs. A. Hahn made a motion to assign J. Kaseno and J. Olson as signers on the signature card for the CDs and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Approved.

Bills were paid.  At 8:31 p.m., A. Hahn made a motion to adjourn the meeting and A. Sauter Sargent 2nd the motion.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk