Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2021

following the Caucus

 at the Community Center


The meeting was called to order at 7:29 p.m.  Board members present were Roger Lindgren,

James Kaseno, Allen Hahn, Jackie Eid, Andrew Sauter Sargent, MaryBeth Tillmans and Janice Olson.  The meeting was available with Zoom.

-Board Meeting Minutes-

Board Meeting -J. Eid made a motion to approve the minutes and J. Kaseno

2nd the motion.  Unanimous. Approved.

-Treasurer’s Report –J. Eid made a motion to approve the report and J. Kaseno 2nd

the motion.   Vote (3-1) Yes-J. Eid, Andrew Sauter Sargent & J.  Kaseno.

No- Allen Hahn.  Abstained – R. Lindgren. Approved.


Board Comments

J. Eid- New Release – Wis Dept. of Trans – Detour on Hwy 13 -Washburn

A. Hahn – Board should look into hiring an administrator.

R. Lindgren – Acknowledged passing of Kevin Hunt. K. Hunt did receive a PSC -Refueling grant

to install a backup generator.  There will be a possible Vaccination potentially at the

January 27 and March 2 at thecommunity center.

Senior meals will be served at the community center on Tues. and Thurs. from 11:30 to

1:00 starting in February. He thanked the town crew for all the snowplowing.

Correspondence– – Reviewed

Committee Reports-Reviewed

. Fire Dept. responded to a motor vehicle accident for EMS assist and traffic control.  They

also had a mutual aid to the Washburn fire department for a structure fire.

. Sant. District – R. Lindgren wrote a letter in support of the Sanitary District and

its proposed new system.  He asked the board to have the Sanitary District as

an item on the board’s monthly agenda.  J. Eid made a motion to approve the letter

and to have the Sanitary District as an item on the board’s monthly agenda.

A.Hahn 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision.  Approved. Phil Moye has agreed

to assume the roll of a sanitary district commissioner.  There has been no new

funding or progress on the new collection system.


Public Comment Period – None

Old Business

  1. BIG, RBF Award, HAP Grant Award – update

Additional funds were approved for the RBF grant.  The town did not receive the

matching grant from BIG. R. Lindgren is working with the Army Corp of

Engineers for additional funds to accomplish the goal. The HAP would like to

help, but it is a state grant and would not be an off setting fund to the state RBF grant.


  1. Proposed additions to Bayfield County Forest – Jason Bodine

Jason Bodin from the Bayfield County Forestry Dept. was present to explain the

proposed project.  They are proposing a project for Bayfield Co, along with the

Bayfield Conservancy of adding 2,017 acres to the County Forest. They want to

include one parcel in the Town of Bell – 440 acres at the end of Rocky Road

southeast of Siskiwit lake. A. Hahn made a motion to support Bayfield County on the

tentative land acquisition to the Bayfield County Forest and J. Eid 2nd the motion.

Unanimous decision.

  1. Lost Creek Beach Survey                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sauter Sargent will be talking with the Wis. Towns Association to see

what needs to be done for the town to maintain its property rights with

the northwest corner of the property and the trail on it. The property must

be maintained for the water access point off of Roman’s Point for the public and the

fire department.  Improvements would be difficult on the property. The

Parks and Lands committee recommends no changes to the property.

  1. Commercial use of Public Lands – Lost Creek Beach

A. Hahn will be meeting with the Planning Commission and Parks & Lands

committee to review the ordinance with suggested updates.  It is being

recommended not to use Lost Creek Beach for commercial use.

  1. Parking at CC and boat launch – Tabled
  2. Enforcement of Ordinances – Progress on list of fines
  3. Lindgren send out the documents for review. He will get more input for

next month’s meeting.

  1. Siskiwit lake Campground – final plan

The length of campers will be limited to 26 feet.  The ordinance will be updated

and brought to the next meeting.

  1. STH13 – Superior Avenue Crosswalk

The Planning Commission has been working with R. Lindgren, Matt Hipsher

and Randy Lund on this. Parts of the plan can be done with the money that

the town has budgeted.  The cost will be approximately $4650.00.  If additional

funds are needed, it will be approved by the board.

  1. Coffee Hour Thursday

Coffee Hour was held last Thursday.  It was sponsored by Doug & Judy Becker.

It is held on Thursdays at the Community Center 8:30a.m. to 11:00 a.m..

New Business

  1. Recycle – Changes in waste categories/charges/our fees

A draft of proposed updated charges was reviewed.  A. Sauter Sargent made a

motion to accept the charges as described in the draft and J. Kaseno 2nd the

motion.  Unanimous decision.  Approved.

  1. Sanitary District Representation at Board Meeting -Covered under Committee Reports
  2. Airport – Ledin donation of land – some expenses required

They are donating one acre of land to the town for the airport.  Because they have

a mortgage on the property, an appraisal must be done.  There will be fees for the

appraisal, recording and processing.  A. Hahn made a motion for to proceed with

donation of the one acre for the airport and for the town to meet the estimated

expenses.  J. Eid 2nd the motion.  Unanimous decision.  Approved.

  1. Draft of Halvorson Lease

The Harbor Commission completed the new Halvorson leases.  They are being

reviewed by the Halvorsons.  The board will review the drafts, send any

questions/concerns to the Chair. Halvorson comments, if any will be distributed

to board members as soon as available.  Approval of the lease will be on the

February agenda.

  1. CC Key Security

The lock on the town office door will be changed.  J. Kerr will get this done.

  1. 2020 Census

Hahn will attend the webinar


Bills were paid.  At 8:30p.m., A. Hahn made a motion to adjourn the meeting and J. Eid 2nd the motion.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted,


MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk