April 14, 2021 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

Wednesday April 14, 2021

Town of Bell Community Center

Meeting called to order at 4:07

Commissioners present: Dave Tillmans, Gordon Anderson, Greg Weiss, Jackie Eid

Community members present: Nancy Moye

March 3, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion to approve by Gordon Anderson, second by Dave Tillmans. Unanimous

Correspondence/Updates: Crosswalk across hwy. 13, dynamic radar signs

Commercial Use of Public Lands: no update

Hove, LaPointe, Martinez Conditional Use Permit, Short Term Rental: After discussion motion to approve by Gordon Anderson, second by Greg Weiss. Unanimous Jackie Eid abstained from voting as she helps them with snow removal.

Danielson Class A Special Use: After discussion motion to approve by Jackie Eid, second by Gordon Anderson. Unanimous Dave Tillmans abstained from voting as Danielson’s have a boat in their marina.

Parking Tag and Tow: Reviewed language other towns have used and will incorporate this language into Town of Bell’s Parking Ordinance to present at April 20, 2021 board meeting.

Comprehensive Plan: Survey, Amendments, Readopt plan; Jackie spoke with Jason Laumann from NWRPC. See attached conversation notes.

May 5, 2021 is the next meeting date. 4:00 p.m. Town of Bell Community Center

Motion to adjourn by Dave Tillmans, second by Gordon Anderson. Unanimous. Meeting adjourned at 4:54