April 30 Emergency Preparedness Minutes

Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting (via zoom): April 30, 2020

Members present: Anna Hipke-Krueger, Yvette Fleming, Harry Kellogg, Roger Lindgren and Owen Polifka

Old Business:

We continued reviewing and updating our Emergency Action Plan.

It was pointed out that the Incident Commander can provide any of the Response sections of the plan for those first responders or agencies that come to our aid in the event of an emergency. These more vital areas can be printed out or emailed to those who need them. They include such sections as EMS, Cornucopia Fire Department, Contact Lists, Local Trauma Centers, Law Enforcement, and Line of Succession.

It was suggested that the various maps be relegated to the plan’s appendix. Anna pointed out that having all the maps in the appendix would provide for a seamless way to add or delete maps as needed.

Yvette added that enlarged local maps could be included later and that they should include forest service roads.

Anna suggested (and everybody agreed) that the current format of the various sections of the plan is easy to navigate while being thorough, consequently, there really isn’t any value to having them exist in an appendix with more in-depth detail.

Along the way, we made a couple corrections such as changing “Lost of Service” to “Loss of Service” in the Hazard and Risk Potential section as well as a couple spell checks. Yvette pointed out that Loss of Service could apply to EMS as well.

It was agreed to that the Town of Bell Resource Map remain where it is in the plan so it can be easily and quickly viewed. Yvette suggested that the resource map should include the locations of dry wells which the Fire Department uses for more intense water needs. She will provide Harry with more information regarding the location of local dry wells.

Roger pointed out that in the event of an emergency or disaster, the Recovery Operations would consume most of our time.

Any of the Attachments can be provided or printed out if need be. Owen suggested that the title of the attachment be moved to the top of the particular attachment.

Harry will make the changes we discussed and have Anna proof read the updated version of the Emergency Action Plan and forward it to Roger to ultimately have presented to the Town Board for approval. This will be completed in time for the town’s board meeting on May 19, 2020.

New Business: (agenda items for next meeting)

Addressing the various neighborhoods as well as assigning the EPRPs (Emergency Preparedness Resource Persons)

Incorporating Kurt’s newest survey results

The final review of the Emergency Action Plan

Next Meeting: Via Zoom at 1 pm, Thursday, May 14th, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,