April 7 Parks and Lands Agenda

Town of Bell
Parks and Lands Committee Meeting
April 7, 2021 4:00 P.M.
Location:  Community Center
Masks required

Open meeting, two or more board members may be present.


Call meeting to order

Approve minutes from last meeting

  1. Review Siskiwit Lake Campground Ordinance
  2. Rope order for Superior Ave. beach.
  3. Vault toilet for Siskiwit Lake Campground.
  4. Snow fence installation along beach ropes for dune protection.
  5. Rock replacement work on breakwater.
  6. Replacement of beach sand on dunes.
  7. Pea gravel on CC playground, inspect playground equipment, CC grounds & gardens, condition of back access road, additional parking in rear of CC.
  8. Siskiwit Lake Campground rearrangement.

Set May meeting date