Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting (via Zoom):  (April 9, 2020)

Members participating:  Anna Hipke-Krueger, Yvette Fleming, John Higney, Roger Lindgren, Harry Kellogg, and Owen Polifka
The majority of this meeting was devoted to the Emergency Action Plan and the continued review and updating of the sections of the plan.
Roger suggested that we look into a Red Cross project that distributes free smoke alarms to residents.
Roger also expressed concerns regarding the issue of mitigation of each of the various topics.  Perhaps we could review one topic each meeting with regards to its mitigation efforts.
John suggested we move the main summary (nuts and bolts) of each topic to an appendix.  A concise statement would remain in the topic’s section that could be reviewed for a quick overview in the event of a disaster of that respective type.  One could refer to the appendix if the information needs expanding.  Roger asked John to write an outline reflecting this concept.
Flood Elevation:  It was suggested that we get rid of the flood elevation text that appears in the flood section.
It was also suggested that we explore the use of an enlarged flip chart with an easel illustrating information on the various specific disaster types.
Andrew Sauter-Sargent offered the use of their commercial kitchen in the event of a disaster where a large amount of food needed to be prepared.
Owen offered to explore and expand upon what our plan could offer to people with special needs.
John offered to explore the possibility for grants as well as aid from federal, state, or private operations.
Roger will explore the sections on Ratification as well as Adoption.  He also suggested that the Power Outage section and its mitigation be adapted to “Yvette’s format.”
Anna agreed to rework the pandemic section consistent with the above format.
Next meeting:  April 16th at 1 pm via Zoom
Respectfully submitted,