Town of Bell Siskiwit Lake

Campground Ordinance


WHEREAS,the Town of Bell of Bell Siskiwit Lake Campground is owned and maintained by the town and

WHEREAS,it is in the best interest of public welfare and safety, protection of the public property, and the public good to maintain a set of rules for camping.

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Town Board of the Town of Bell, at a regular meeting of said Town Board,that the following be adhered to:
1. Camping fee due upon arrival. Along with fee provide license plate number,camp site number,
and dates of stay in campground.
2. Camping allowed only at nine numbered campsites.
3. No camping is allowed on the beach.
4. Solar water pump is to be open common area for use of all campers.
5. Campsites must be cleaned up and take waste home.
6. Fires are only permitted in steel fire grills,which have been provided.
7. All pets must be kept on leashes and not be left unattended. Number of pets limited to two per campsite.
8. No discharge of fire arms or fireworks in campground.
9. No noise or activities will be permitted between hours of 10:00p.m. and 7:00am., which may disturb other campers.
10. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed at individual sites.
11. No reserving of campsites, first come first served.
12. Campers are liable for damage they cause.
13. Campground usage is limited to 14 consecutive days.

THOSE WHO ARE IN VIOLATION, will be asked to vacate their campsite.

Passed this 13 day of June 2017


Download this ordinance as a PDF.