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The Corny Day GoFundMe fundraiser is for financial support for the Cornucopia Volunteer Fire Department and South Shore Area Ambulance. They will split the proceeds 75% for CVFD and 25% for the SSAA.

These services are imperative for the community. The CVFD and SSAA assist those in need who are visiting the area, call the South Shore home year round or seasonally.

The Cornucopia Volunteer Fire Department is an all volunteer group of dedicated individuals trained to answer all manner of fire and rescue calls in the Cornucopia area. The fundraising is to replace a 1986 Mack E One fire engine that has served the community capably for many years. Mounting repair costs and questionable reliability of the vehicle have caused the fire department to speed up their efforts to replace this vital piece of equipment. Also, due to the age of the vehicle, the volunteers are subjected to riding outside of the cab in all types of weather. While unpleasant in bad weather, this practice is also contrary to the safety recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association. As funding a new vehicle would be cost prohibitive, the CVFD is looking to purchase a serviceable, modern, used fire apparatus. A replacement truck will cost $100,000+. Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated.

The South Shore Area Ambulance is seeking donations in order to purchase a Stryker Power Load lift assist cot which will cost $31,000. The South Shore Area Ambulance is an all volunteer crew and serve all the communities on the South Shore of NW Wisconsin. This cot is a life saver! It increases the safety of both the patients and crew members by ensuring an easy controlled movement of the patient into the ambulance. Once loaded, patients secured by this system are protected by the highest level of protection available in the unlikely event of a crash. Please help SSAA upgrade to this wonderful piece of lifesaving equipment.

Video of the Stryker Power Load lift assist cot:

For every fire call that the Cornucopia Volunteer Fire Department responds to South Shore Area Ambulance must also respond to that call and the Cornucopia Volunteer Fire Department is frequently called in to assist with South Shore Area Ambulance calls.

Every donation makes a difference to support quality emergency services for Cornucopia and the greater South Shore Community!

If you prefer to mail in your donation please send it to and make checks payable to Cornucopia Day:

Corny Day 2020
Attn: Jennifer
General Delivery
Cornucopia, WI 54827