December 5th, 2017 Town of Bell Parks and Land Meeting Minutes

Town of Bell Community Center, Basement

Attendance: Allen Hahn, Gordon Anderson, Judy Kerr, Andrew Sauter Sargent, Mike O’Bryon, Greg Weiss, Tom Mason, Yvette FLeming, Ellie Kolodzieski, Sara Norton

Submitted by Sara Norton

Mike O’Bryon called the meeting to order at 6pm.

Select Secretary  –  Sara Norton volunteered to take the minutes at this meeting.  She was nominated by Yvette Fleming to be the committee’s secretary and after Ellie Kolodzieski offered to share that position with her, Yvette made a motion to have both Sara and Ellie share the responsibility of Secretary.  Mike seconded and everyone present approved.

Co-Chair Approval  –  Mike asked Yvette if she would like to Co-Chair the Committee.  Yvette declined the  offer and explained that she would like to see the Parks and Lands Committee have a more clearly defined role moving forward and hope that the committee will become more self activated.  Yvette stated that she would like to remain a resource to the committee moving forward, but take a less active role.

Allen asked if the Chair needed to be a Board Supervisor and Yvette answered no.

Mike asked if anyone in the room would like to chair.  Andrew Sauter Sargent expressed interest and Mike nominated him to the position.  Yvette seconded his nomination and there was a unanimous vote to appoint Andrew as the Chairman.  Andrew nominated Allen Hahn to co-chair and Tom seconded that.  There was a unanimous vote to approve Allen as co-chair.

Distribute Handouts  –  Yvette distributed a copy of the Town of Bell Comprehensive Plan to each member with the exception of Greg Weiss and Judy Kerr, who already have copies and Ellie Kolodzieski who will share Greg’s.  Everyone was also given handouts regarding DNR information about dealing with erosion and rising water levels and what aspects in the comprehensive plan might relate to the future development of the Comprehensive Recreation Plan.  Yvette explained that the Town of Bell has formally adopted the Bayfield County Recreation Plan and asked members to familiarize themselves with that as well.  Mike will get copies of the County Rec Plan out to the Committee members.

Discussion of Ideas Regarding Defining the Role, Scope and Expectations of the Parks and Lands Committee  –   There was discussion of creating a Mission Statement for the Parks and Lands Committee in addition to a clear list of Responsibilities and Duties and both Short and Long Term goals for the Committee.

Tom suggested that this committee also be responsible for facilitating volunteer projects to maintain and improve existing parks and access to Town Land.  Yvette would like the group to spend some time hiking and touring the existing Town properties so that they are familiar with all of the Town Land.  There was some discussion about how Parks and Lands might overlap with the Marina Committee.

Sara asked Mike to start to put together a list of all of the physical locations that Parks and Lands has done projects on or is considered responsible for and Mike agreed to do this.  There was discussion about why Parks and Lands would be responsible for the property around the Community Center but not the building itself..

Several members expressed immediate concern about mitigating damage to the dunes at the beach and creating a plan for repairing existing storm damage at the Break Wall in the spring and it was decided that creating an immediate and a long term plan and budget to maintain Town land, especially along the lakeshore, will be a priority for the committee.

Sara suggested that everyone make a list of 10 things they would like to see the Parks and Land Committee accomplish in 2018 and Andrew asked that everyone come to the next meeting with some proposed short and long term goals for the Committee.

It was agreed by everyone that included in the duties of the Parks and Lands Committee should be a commitment to support the Town of Bell comprehensive Plan, to create both short and long term plans for the Town of Bell Parks and Land, to advise the Board with regard to Land Use, and to support the Bayfield County recreation Plan.

Andrew set the next meeting for January 2nd at 5:30pm.

Andrew Adjourned the meeting at 7:40pm.