February 3 Harbor Commission Minutes

Harbor Commission Meeting

February 3, 2020


Meeting called to order by Harbor Commission Chairman Chuck Perry at 6:07 PM

Members present: Chuck Perry, Pauline Colamatteo, Mark Halvorson, Will Tillmans, and Jessica Resac. Jesse Kaseno and David Tillmans were absent. Town of Bell Chairman Roger Lindgren and Allan Hahn were also present.

A motion was made by Will seconded by Mark to accept the minutes as of the previous meeting as read. The motion carried unanimously.

Conflict of Interest:

None noted.

Citizen Comments:


Public Hearing:



No reports were given.

Old Business:

Chairman Chuck presented a map of the Harbor showing the jurisdiction of the Harbor Commission that he had drawn using a CAD program. It was discussed and noticed that the new expansion has not been included in the map. Will offered to assist Chuck in drawing up a new map since he also has a CAD program. We will review at next meeting.

The Commission continued discussion as to the status of the Green Shed, should it be incorporated into the Harbor Commission’s Jurisdiction? The Commission will do an onsite inspection of the building and grounds when it is possible, in order to make an informed decision. Town of Board Chairman Roger is checking into the possibility of the Green Shed becoming listed as a National Historic Building. It hasn’t gotten too far, but he is still working on it.

Mark discussed the five-year plan, which is actually a ten-year plan that needs to be updated. The Commission will be working on it in the future.

New Business:

There was no financial statement for the month of January available.

Jessica gave her report on the slip leases, there were 17 leases returned, Will received one in his mail which he will bring to Jessica. She has collected $11194.65 so far. There are 47 slips overall, 30 smaller ones in the basin. We will have 4 or 5 slips left to rent; we will get the word out so we can fill them. Mark will call the rest of the slip owners that haven’t returned the lease agreement to confirm that they will be leasing them again.

There is some negative feedback from customers unhappy about the requirement to let the Harbormaster know when they will be gone from their slip. Also, the fueling requirements have some customers displeased. The Commission will emphasize that we are just stating some simple rules and we will address each case individually. Safety is our main concern. Mark will ask the Coast Guard in Bayfield for a “sling” which contains fires if they would happen. We will store it in a container outside at the Marina for easy access in case of fire.

Building leases are due Sept 30th and are 10-year leases. The Commission will get a summary of all the leases. The Town owns the land and the building owners pay property taxes on the shops. Comes a Boat is delinquent on their lease for two years. Chuck will write a Certified letter to Manzanita and Yrsala Peterson asking for payment, or we will have to foreclose.

There was a motion made by Mark to hire Vicky Lewis-Hay as Secretary for the Harbor Commission. It was seconded by Will. After discussion it was decided that Pauline would offer Vicky the position at $15.00 an hour. The duties include attending meetings, taking minutes, posting meetings, and other correspondence that may come up. The motion carried unanimously.



Jessica received an email from a customer not returning to the Marina. He no longer has a boat.

Next meeting Monday, March 2, 2020, at 6:30 PM. Town of Bell Town Hall.

Meeting adjourned 7:43 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Pauline Colamatteo.


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