Town of Bell
Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Wednesday February 3, 2021 4:00 p.m.
Town of Bell Community Center


Call to order 4:06

PC members present in person: Jackie Eid, Nancy Moye, Greg Weiss. Via Zoom: Gordon Anderson, Mark Ehlers
Others/Community Members present in person: Phil Moye, Griffin McCafferty, Roger Lindgren, Alan Hahn

1. Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
Greg makes motion to approve, Mark 2nds. Unanimous.
2. Correspondence/Updates
– Update to crosswalk.
– Dynamic radar signs – 1 solar power 7,612.50. As of 3/20.
3. Parking Ordinance: Tag and Tow (ability to ticket and tow)
– Homework: look over parking ordinance. Let Jackie know if you need it. (5-16-19 is likely the up to date version) How to put the tag & tow into the ordinance. Perhaps need legal assistance. Goal is to have info by March.
4. Main Street Plan
– Working with Northland College students. Phil Moye assisting with that.
5. 2020 Year in review
– Everyone should look at the document Jackie created and let her know if we need to add or change anything.
6. Special Use Permit: Saans
– Mark makes motion to approve, Gordy 2nds. Unanimous. Note – Driveway permit required. Sentiment from several members that a rezone should not be a consideration/should follow F1 setbacks, etc.
7. Commercial Use of Public Lands
– Alan Hahn presented.
– Requests feedback based on several questions. What are our goals? Do we want a stand-alone ord or combine with transient vendor ord? How do we accomplish our goals?
– Washburn meeting Feb 4th – “The City of Washburn is seeking input on proposed changes to the commercial vendor ordinance revision, specific to activity on City property. There will be a Zoom meeting on Thursday, February 4th at 4:00 PM where City staff will be sharing an overview of the proposed changes, listen to input, and be available to answer questions. The proposed ordinance and revisions can be found HERE. The current direct sellers’ ordinance can be found HERE. Send questions/input prior to the meeting to Join the meeting on Feb. 4th HERE or call 888-788-0099; Meeting ID: 895 9027 9943, Passcode: 2421.
8. Dark Sky
– Put on back burner for now
9. Comprehensive Plan Survey Summary
– Phil Moye presented.
– March meeting date – 3/3/21

Adjourn – Mark made motion, Gordy 2nd. Unanimous.

Minutes recorded by Greg Weiss