July 9 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting
Thursday July 9, 2020 7:00 p.m.
Town of Bell Community Center

Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 7:07pm
Present: Jackie, Dave, Gordy, Mark, Greg, Nancy

1. Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
Gordy made motion, Greg seconds. Unanimously approved.

2. Correspondence/Updates

3. Hyde Rezone
Overview of Ag1 designation. Discussion. Mark made motion to approve, Dave second. Unanimously approved.

4. Nozal Class A Special Use
Discussion on written application. Greg made motion to approve, Mark seconds. Unanimously approved.

5. Cedar Ave. parking one side only
Discussion regarding safety and access for emergency services. Gordy made motion to make Cedar Ave parking on south side only, east bound facing. Seconded by Greg. Unanimously approved.

6. Sidewalks: statutes and policies
Discussion regarding main street “sidewalks” that fall within the town right of way, Ehlers, Nikkis,…are they even sidewalks? or are they part of the building/stoops/walkways, etc. General consensus that these structures should be repaired by owners as needed to comply with safety concerns. Also some discussion regarding the issue of liability and should the town lease those areas to the land owner, vs the town taking care of repairs and sharing the costs 50/50 with landowner, etc.

New sidewalks won’t be going in for a while, so discussion tabled on that issue.

7. Camping Ordinance: No fine attached. Should one be added or not and if so how much.
Discussion regarding writing a new ordinance (1975 is the most current) and including a fine for each offense. Concern over special circumstances such as Corny Day vendors and it was agreed that there are special circumstances for some events. Dave made motion to prohibit camping where posted, and attaching fee as allowed by state statutes, up to $250. Mark seconded. Unanimously approved.

8. MLS Breakdown
Dissect it to prioritize when we do get an opportunity for funding.

9. August meeting date: August 4, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
8:37pm Gordy mad motion to Adjourn, Dave seconded. Unanimously approved.