June 4 Emergency Preparedness Minutes

Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting:  June 4th, 2020 at the Cornucopia Community Center

Members present:  Yvette Fleming, Roger Lindgren, Harry Kellogg, John Higney and Owen Polifka
We continued finalizing the Town of Bell Emergency Action Plan.
The committee approved John’s addition of Tornados and its inclusion forming the Tornados/Straight Line Winds section.  There was some issues regarding the duplication of text in that section with the Floods section.
Loss of Service (i.e. EMS) due to flooding issues was also covered in the Flood section so we eliminated the Loss of Service section.  Yvette agreed to review the above sections to ensure that duplications do not exist.
Harry indicated that the Public Information Office portion of the Command and General Staff section needs to be reviewed as well and that he will do so.
Once these sections have been reviewed as outlined above and modified if need be, Yvette will email the final result to the committee members.
Kurt had previously emailed the committee final survey results as well as the survey cover statement.
The respective Emergency Preparedness Resource Person (EPRP) for the various defined regions or neighborhoods needs to be designated.
Several of the these regions already have EPRP volunteers identified.  They include:
Romans Point:  Phil and Nancy Moye, Dorothy Hoffman and Marc Wanvig
Blueberry Lane:  Nancy and Roger Lindgren
East Siskiwit Lake Road Area:  Gina and John Higney
West Siskiwit Lake Road Area:  to be determined
Highway 13 Corridor West:  Yvette will check with Matt Lazorik or Josh Hudachek
Highway 13 Corridor East:  Doug and Judy Becker have expressed interest
Highway C Corridor:  Harry Kellogg
These EPRP volunteers need to be confirmed and the following regions need a EPRP volunteer:  The Village, Spirit Point, West Siskiwit Lake Road Area, and Stage/Star Route.
Yvette and Owen have agreed to meet and develop a specific, concise job description for the EPRPs with a bullet point format for the EPRPs to use as a reference.  They will discuss the utilization of various tools to be provided or recommended to the residents by their respective EPRP.  These tools or references would include flipcharts, “to go bags,” NOAA radio information as well as information on Cornucopia’s website and the Next Door Program.
Hopefully, the EPRPs can follow-up on resources that residents are willing to share in the event of an emergency as indicated on their survey forms.  Residents with special needs that would be prudent to know about could also be looked into by the EPRP.
Methods used to connect with residents employed by their respective EPRPs were also briefly discussed such as utilizing area picnics and booths at Corny Days or the Art Crawl.  The most favorable would still be a face to face visit with each resident or family representative.
Next Meeting:  Thursday, 7pm, July 2nd, 2020 at the Community Center. (Bring cake)
Respectfully submitted,