TUESDAY, June 12, 2018  7:00 p.m. AT THE COMMUNITY CENTER

Call Meeting to Order
Roll Call
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Clerk’s Report
Treasurer’s Report

Public Comment Period

Old Business
1. Remembering Michael O’Bryon
2. Appoint a supervisor to fill vacant position
3. Bid opening for paving Village streets – discussion and decision
4. Comprehensive Plan Survey Review
New Business
1. Liquor License Renewal Approvals–Ehlers Store, Star North, The Good Earth
Outfitter, O’Bryon’s Village Inn and Little Niki’s
2. Driveway snowplowing rates – discussion and possible decision
3. Town roads letter – discussion and possible decision
4. Town of Bell Facebook page- discussion and possible decision
5. Town board email- discussion and possible decision

Committee Reports
Fire Department/Ambulance
Planning Commission
Parks and Lands/Green Shed
Community Center
Recycling Center
Cornucopia Business Association
Scenic Byways Committee

Pay Bills