March 3 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell  Planning Commission Meeting
Wednesday March 3, 2021 4:00 p.m.
Town of Bell Community Center


Jackie Eid called meeting  to order 4:03pm

PC members present: Jackie Eid, Gordon Anderson, Greg Weiss, Mark Ehlers

Community members present: Roger Lindgren, Phil Moye, Nancy Moye, Alan Hahn

  1. Review/Approve previous meeting minutes – Mark made motion, Gordy second. Unanimous.
  2. Correspondence/Updates
    1. Transient vendor – Alan provided an update. Needs everyone to read through, make comments. Is this the route the PC and parks and lands wants to go?
    2. Jackie gave update on portable solar radar sign. Need $7600 for one.
    3. Phil M update on Main St. Plan. Collaboration with Northland College.
  3. Year in Review
    1. Anderson rezone on Rocky Road. Jackie will look into it.
  4. Parking: Tag and Tow
    1. Discussion regarding enforcement. Roger L can issue tickets. Tie ordinance into state statute that references tag & tow so that county sheriff can enforce.
    2. Jackie will look at fee schedule and what other towns do to get it in to the ordinance.
  5. Survey/Amendment to Comp Plan. What is the process?
  6. Next meeting April 14th

Gordy made motion to adjourn, Jackie seconds. Unanimous.