May 25 Harbor Commission Minutes

Town of Bell
Harbor Commission Meeting
Monday, May 25

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Members present at the Community Center were Chuck Perry and Jesse Kaseno. Members present on Zoom were Pauline Colamatteo, Jessica Resac, Will Tillmans, Mark Halvorson, David Tillmans and MaryBeth Tillmans. Roger Lindgren, Town of Bell Chairman was also present online.

Minutes – A motion was made by P. Colamatteo to approve the minutes of the last meeting and
D. Tillmans 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.

Public Comments – None

Finances – J. Resac reported that the current amount collected to date for slips is $31,418.34.

Old Business:
– Dockage update/slip board – There are 14 to 16 slips open, depending on the boat size. A slips available sign will be put in the kiosk by the launch ramp. Discussion was held about a slip board with dockage assignments, in the kiosk too. A step is needed for the first finger dock by the ramp.
– Parking lot paving/ effect on budget – The paving has been completed. A partial payment was made to Northwoods Paving for the parking lot. Twenty-five thousand was paid by the marina and the balance by the Town from the General Fund. The Town General Fund will be reimbursed when the FEMA funds are received.
– Improvements list (to incorporate into 10 year plan) – C. Perry asked commission members to come up with a list of possible improvements to incorporate into a ten year plan. Ideas cover docks, shop area, parking lot and all areas in the jurisdiction of the marina. Ideas will be worked into the budget.
– Entry way light update- C. Perry is working on a torpedo light that will be directed down the harbor entry. It is being made out of PVC.
– Shop area Flooding – Manzanita Peterson is getting the shop owners together for a meeting. A work day with shop owners and volunteers is being organized to help shop owners to jack things up and put in fill. Possible grant funding will be looked into later, if needed.

New Business:
– Army Corp of Engineers – Lake Levels – Current lake levels are down six inches from last year. Their predictions are for the lake to rise two inches in June.

At 7:42 p.m., D. Tillmans made a motion to adjourn and P. Colamatteo 2nd the motion. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Secretary