Parks and Lands Committee Meeting Minutes Feb. 2017

Attending: Mike O’Bryon, Alan  Hahn, M Hahn, Linda Nedden-Durst, Bill Draeger, Judy Kerr, Gordy Anderson , Yvette Fleming, Tom Mason,  Absent: Gina Emily

Jackie Eid, Larry Chernoff

I. Review of  accomplishments and reaffirming the committee’ s responsibility to work with the Planning Commission and the Bayfield County Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (2015-2019)

               Discussion of improvements at the beach including dune restoration and removal of invasive species.

  1. Discussion of future projects to be taken up at future meetings. Lists will be in proposed agenda for future meetings.
  2. Future fine tuning  of Transient Merchant Ordinance depending on outcomes of test cases before  the Bayfield County Court
  3. Discussion of Campground rates which will be on agenda for the next meeting comparing them to current local rates.
  4. The Committee would like to have the direct and indirect responsibilities of the Parks and Land Committee defined more clearly.
  5. The Parks and Land Committee will work on a Mission Statement
  6. The Committee pledges to be educationally pro-active in the future development and stewardship of all parks and lands within the Town of Bell.

Next meeting March 7th (Tuesday) at 6 pm at the community center.

Judith Kerr, secretary pro temp.