Present: Mike O’Bryon, Yvette Fleming, Alan Hahn, Gordon Anderson, Gina Emily, Judy Kerr, Tom Mason


Upcoming events: Saturday, April 15th, Rock collection and movement at Breakwall in Marina

Saturday, April 29th (alternate: May 6th) cleanup of Town Roads, Corny Beach,

Siskiwit Campground, etc. 10 am at the Community Center. Pot

Luck snacks will be available.


  1. Clarification on the definitions of responsibility of the Parks and Lands


Areas of Responsibility are:

  1. Siskiwit Campground and Boat Landing
  2. The “Old” and New Cemeteries
  3. The “Corny Beach (east and west) including the beach to the


  1. From the Historical Marker to and including the Green Shed
  2. Birch Hill Nature Walk
  3. The Breakwall and the permanent restrooms (shared with the


  1. Areas outside the Community Center building
  2. All other available Town Lands


  1. Website development and maintenance will continue with the help of Roger

Peck and Yvette  Fleming. It is our commitment to provide the Agendas and

Minutes of the meetings,   including informational and educational articles,

“goings on” and promotion of County, Town, and State efforts with links to

various sites as they occur.


  1. The committee will take a proactive stance on resources and projects to

ensure the health of our Town Lands and Community as well as the

management and uses available in support of the Town of Bell Planning

Commission and the Bayfield County Outdoor Recreation Guides.


  1. The Committee will support our business community and future economic

development  through the possibilities that our Town Lands supply with the

special understanding  our Communities Parks and Lands are it’s most

valuable (next to people) resource and should be supported and treated as



Next meeting: May 3rd 6-7pm at the Community Center.  MO and JK collectively