Parks and Lands Minutes 6/4/2021

Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2021 10 am @ Community Center

Present:  G. Anderson, J. Kerr, D. Becker, J. Becker, G. Emily

  1. Becker called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the last meeting were read with no corrections or additions.

Agenda Discussion:

  1. Superior Avenue Beach Rope
    1. Anderson will let A. Sauter Sargent know that 80 feet of rope needs to be ordered.
    2. Posts are ready to be installed by the Town. G. Anderson will remind Matt.
    3. Park and Lands will install rope.
  2. Vault Toilets:
    1. Becker will contact G. Weiss about his research into composting toilets for the Campground. Probably will need a 1500 gallon capacity tank. If approved, funds will be requested at the next Town Budget hearing for installation in 2022.
  3. Swenson Pavilion Update:
    1. Lower Lake levels and dry conditions have improved drainage issues temporarily; decision to repair/relocate/rebuild still tabled pending possible Scenic Byway Grant funding.
  4. Campground update:
    1. Emily recommended a map of the Town, its history and a donation box be installed at both the Campground and the Lake Boat Ramp.
    2. Much discussion about non-campers utilizing the Campground Beach as a water craft launch causing erosion damage.
    3. Also discussed were parking issues at both the Campground and the Siskiwit Lake Boat Ramp.
    4. A sign informing non-campers to use the Boat Ramp, a 1/3 mile down the road, will be installed. 2 posts will be needed for the signs. G. Weiss will be contacted about this issue, as his business uses the Campground Beach to launch his water craft.
    5. Campground Volunteer Hosts continue to work on grounds maintenance. J. Kerr ordered a lawn mower for the Campground.
    6. Becker will contact the Town Chairman to add the revised Campground Ordinance to the June Town Board meeting agenda.
  5. Other:
    1. Becker will contact Town Chairman about the Park and Lands’ recommendations that were not addressed at the May Town Board meeting.
    2. Public playground equipment inspected.
    3. Kerr will look into acquiring a storage box for the Community Center playground equipment.
    4. Matt H. is aware of the bad road conditions behind the Cornucopia Community Center and will repair when he is able.
    5. Community Center parking lot needs new painted parking lines.
    6. Siskiwit Lake Boat Ramp parking: committee should review the area and discuss solutions at the July Park and Lands meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Wednesday, July 6, 2021 @ 6 pm  with location TBA

Submitted by J. Becker      06-04-21