Parks and Lands Minutes 8-6-21

Town of Bell Parks and Lands Meeting Minutes
August 6, 2021 6 pm @ Community Center

Present: J. Kerr, D. Becker, J. Becker

D. Becker called the meeting to order at 10:07 am.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved with no corrections or additions.

Agenda Discussion:

1. Campground update
a. The question of acquiring more “Doggie Pots” for animal waste will be postponed until after the next Town meeting to see where the Town wants to add them.
b. A few vendors will be staying overnight with their wares and displays during the Cornucopia Day weekend.

2. Beach bathroom cleanliness
a. Keep soap dispensers instead of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

3. Marina breakwall jurisdiction
a. As per the discussion at the July Town Board meeting, the Town has already decided that the breakwall falls within the Parks and Lands jurisdiction.
b. Committee will keep the Harbor Commission better informed when significant decisions are made concerning the breakwall.

4. Siskiwit Lake Boat Launch & Parking

a. D. Becker recommended that some signs be added to improve parking:
i. “Launch Only; No Parking” for the launch area.
ii. “Park This Side Only” for the east side.
iii. “No Parking This Side” for the west side.
b. Defer the sign acquisition until the September meeting.
c. D. Becker will print out a map of the launch to indicate sign placement.

5. Superior Avenue Beach Posts and Rope

a. Rope is ready to be installed once the Town Crew places the posts.
b. Rope is in the back shed of the Green Shed.

6. Life ring for breakwall

a. A replacement has been ordered for the missing life ring.

7. Tansy treatment has been completed.

8. Swenson Pavilion

a. No report.

9. Vault toilets at campground

a. G. Anderson emailed a report that both Lost Creek Falls and Siskiwit Falls will be having vault toilets installed by the County with a DNR grant.
b. Should Committee pursue DNR grant for campground toilet?

10. Other

a. Committee members should bring a “want” list to the next meeting for inclusion into the 2022 Town budget planning in October.

Meeting was adjourned.

Next meeting: Friday, September 3, 2021 @ 10 am @ Cornucopia Community Center

Submitted by J. Becker 08-07-21