Town of Bell Construction Permit Resource Guide
(Cornucopia Area)
Fees may apply to permit applications

*Town of Bell Driveway permits:
Town of Bell Garage – 715-742-3357

*Driveway off County Rd. C:
Bayfield County Highway Dept. – 715-373-6115

*Driveway off State Hwy. 13:
WI. Dept. of Transportation, Dan Anderson – 715-635-5059

Sanitary Permit
Applied for by Master Plumber (approved list available at Bayfield Co. Zoning Dept.) for Private On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS)
If property lies within a Sanitary District a letter from the District is required from the Sanitary District to the Zoning Dept. to exempt it from this process.

If the property lies within the Bell Sanitary District an application to the District must be completed.
The Town of Bell Sanitary District requires that a Master Plumber and a Sanitary District Operator are present at the time the connection is made.
Bell Sanitary District:
For Sanitary District information, applications for service or new hook-up:
Mark Ehlers, Business Manager – 715-682-8353 or 715-742-3924
Or a District Board Member:
Don Frey, President 715-742-3907
Frank Roman 715-742-3445
Larry Chernoff 715-742-3338
District Operators:
Robert Kyllonen 715-742-3666
Kris Johnson 715-742-3352

Land Use Permit
Contact Bayfield County Planning and Zoning for required permits.
Bayfield County Planning and Zoning Dept. (if Ag or Forestry Town Board approval is required)

Uniform Dwelling Code Permit:
Required for construction of a new dwelling. If remodeling a structure built before 1980, no UDC permit is required.
A Licensed electrician and plumber may be required to sign off on the permit application along with an HVAC professional to do an insulation calculation.

Currently the UDC Inspector in the Town of Bell is:
Robert Lietha – 218-393-6482