Permit and Variance Application

Criteria For Approval or Disapproval

The following criteria will be used when determining whether a permit or variance application will be approved:

1. The Plan Commission will consult with Bayfield County Planning and Zoning for opinions relating to a permit or variance request;

2. Determine whether the application falls within the list of acceptable uses for the zoning area that it is planned for and if not, why;

3. Determine whether the planned project is compatible with the Town of Bell Comprehensive Plan;

4. An application must be received at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled Plan Commission meeting for it to be put on that month’s meeting agenda;

5. The review process will require notification of the permit applicant and adjacent property owners of the dates of the Plan Commission and Town Board review of the application; and

6. Applicants will have an opportunity to address the Plan Commission and the Town Board.

The following conditions will apply to all permits for short-term rentals in the Town of Bell:

1. Any objections by adjacent property owners will result in denial of a permit;

2. The duration of permit is 5 years and is non-transferrable; and

3. The permit holder or their agent must be located within 35 miles of rental unit and must be available 24 hrs. per day.
The following conditions, as recommended by the Bayfield County Zoning Department, will be applied to all short-term rental permits as needed (the terms are attached). The Bayfield County conditions with applicable checked off items will be returned to the Bayfield County Zoning Department with all applications approved by the Town of Bell.

Bayfield County

Recommended Criteria
(for Short-Term Rentals)

Obtain necessary permits (Planning and Zoning; Health Dept, etc.)

Room Tax must be paid to Town Board

Adequate Sanitary System

No RV’s, pop-up campers, tents or other means of overnight stays allowed

All vehicle & utility trailer parking must be contained on the property (not allowed
to park on roads)

All camp fires must be attended and extinguished by 11 :00 pm

Quiet hours from 11 :00 pm to 7:00 am

Pets must be restricted to the property

Property line delineation must be agreeable with both neighbors

Contact number(s) must be available for owner/agent 24 hrs per day

Property must remain free from citations, nuisance, disorderly conduct, or any other type of illegal activity

Land Use and DNR lake regulations are included in rental information (for lake
shore property)

Occupancy limits (per structure)

Review lake shore access and erosion due to human traffic

Duration of permit, transfer rights, etc
Garbage and recycling materials should be properly disposed of on a daily basis

Trespass laws must be abided by at all times

No fireworks allowed (except July 4th with proper permits)

Other recommendations as deemed necessary for public health and safety