Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday Jan. 9, 2020

downstairs meeting room



  • 5:01 Jackie called the meeting to order
    • Planning commissioners present: Jackie Eid, Mark Ehlers, Gordon Anderson, Greg Weiss, Dave Tillmans
    • Public present: Roger Lindgren, Nancy Moy, Alan Hahn


  • Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
    • Gordy made motion to accept, Mark second, unanimous
    • Jackie reported that there was not a quorum for the December meeting but work was done on the WisDOT MLS project. Mark made a motion to approve, Gordon second, unanimous


  • Correspondence/Updates
    • Jackie spoke regarding the update of the comprehensive plan and the correct procedure to complete the task.
    • Gordy received an email about the sale of the campground on Hwy13. The email asked if anything was required for zoning use. Discussion regarding. General consensus was that it would be “grandfathered in” as far as Town of Bell is concerned. County has jurisdiction as to campground use and approvals needed.


  • Road B3/Voyagers View
    • Regarding snow plowing and adding this road to the gas tax list.
      • Jackie led discussion with information gathered. Concerns with the condition of the road, steepness, narrowness, and access for emergency vehicles. Road crew won’t add it to the plow list as-is.
      • Discussion regarding the necessity for owners to improve the road for safety of residents, road crew, and emergency responders.
      • Mark Ehlers made a motion for the Town of Bell to pursue an ordinance requiring minimum standards for access roads to subdivisions/developments. Jackie seconded. No opposed motion passed.


  • ATV/UTV proposed additional trail and revised ordinance
    • Discussion regarding where the trail would be.
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the All Terrain Vehicle Route ordinance (20-01) allowing the trail is required for approval. Roger updated the written ordinance to add riding single file and slowing down to 10mph when near residences. (within 150ft)
    • Mark makes motion to amend ordinance 19-01. Gordy seconded. No opposed motion passed.


  • 2019 Year in Review
    • Everyone had the chance to look at the synopsis that Jackie created.


  • 2020 Goals and Objectives
    • Commissioners tasked to look over Comp Plan elements for 2020 goals.


  • February 6th at 5:00 p.m. is next PC meeting date.


  • Motion made to Adjourn at 6:33 by Mark. Jackie seconded. Unanimous