The Town of Bell, Bayfield County, ordains as follows:

AUTHORITY. The ordinance is enacted pursuant to power granted by virtue of present Wisconsin Statutes, including Section 125.10 and village powers if the electors have previously approved. The town board finds this ordinance sets reasonable limits for what will be considered a disorderly, indecent or improper house.

RESTRICTIONS. There shall be no nudity in public places holding and alcohol license issued by the town.

DEFINITION. Nudity means the showing or exposing of the human male or female genitals, pubic area or buttocks with less than a full opaque covering, or of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple.

CONTACT PROHIBITION. There shall be no contact between a patron, owner, employee, customer or bystander with a paid or amateur dancer during or shortly after a dance or other performance where clothing is or has recently been removed, either by direct, physical contact or the placing of money or other thing of value in the remaining clothing or body part of said performer.

A. This ordinance is not to be interpreted as restricting the proper use of a bathroom faci1ity by a male or female in an enclosed area where the person is of the same sex designated for such room, and is not engaged in for any sexual or exhibitionist purpose to or in front of or adjacent to other persons.
B. No person at the licensed premises shall engage in actual or simulated sexual intercourse or sexual contact through touching a person, animal or device.

Pursuant to procedures set forth in Wisconsin Statute 125.12, or town ordinance, violation constitutes sufficient grounds for board consideration of license suspension, revocation, or nonrenewal where such violation occurred in conjunction with or related. to the activity for which license was issued.

EFFECT. This ordinance takes effect upon passage and *(public posting in at least three places in the town. within 30 days thereafter) *(publication in a newspaper within 30 days). NOTE: if forfeiture provisions are adopted, publication is required. *Choose one – strike out other option.

Adopted on January 14, 1997
Vote for: 3 against 0

Posted in the following sites within 30· days of passage: (if no forfeiture)



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