Recycling Center Job Posting – Relief Operator

Help wanted

Town of Bell

Recycle Center Substitute Operator

Examples of Duties
  1. Ensure Recycle Center is open and fully functional during scheduled
  2. Collect fees from the public for waste
  3. Maintain records of usage and fees collected.
  4. Prepare an accounting and deliver fees collected to town treasurer.
  5. Set fees for large
  6. Perform all aspects of the cardboard recycling
  7. Stay current with and advise customers concerning proper recycling
  8. Assist with special recycling events
  9. Assist customers with waste disposal as
  10. Coordinate with and schedule waste management companies responsible for dumpsters.
  11. Conduct routine trash collection from Town receptacles, empty as needed and sort contents for
  12. Maintain the areas around the Town trash
  13. Ensure that Town receptacles are in good repair and well
    1. Maintain equipment and facilities of Town of Bell to include year round access to the facility.


Please contact Allen Hahn to express interest and for a complete job description