September 1 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
Tuesday September 1, 2020 7:00 p.m.
Town of Bell Community Center

Meeting call to order 7:02pm
PC members present: Jackie, Gordy, Mark, Dave, Greg
Community members/others present: Roger Lindgren, Matt Hipsher, Nancy Moye, John Nedden-Durst, Sara Norton, Jayne Norton, Randy Lund, Lund Engineering

1. Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
Gordy made motion, Greg 2nd. No opposed.

2. Correspondence/Updates
Discussion regarding old business of crosswalk and speed signs. On hold due to budget.

3. Chas McKhann Class A Special Use
Mark made motion to approve, Dave 2nd. No opposed.

4. Sunset Drive: Spirit Point
Randy presented the plans. Discussion regarding TOB 2x yearly lagoon release nearby. (To the south of this property) Town had discussed if the owner built the road, the town would take ownership and responsibility for maintenance. Discussion regarding turn-around for fire trucks and snow removal.
Jackie makes a motion to accept tasty plunderer request that the TOB accept ownership of roadway that landowner will construct upon town lands, built to town standards. Mark 2nds. No opposed.

5. Sidewalk Ordinance
Mark; brought up that the ordinance references a “plan” for Superior Ave, which we don’t have in the Comp Plan. The sentence referring to a Main Street Plan was removed.
Discussion regarding county requirements/building permits required? John mentioned that the State inspector said that he does not inspect sidewalks.
Discussion regarding measurements with curb stops. Overhang of vehicle over sidewalk.
John; Spell out the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) and 2010 being the most current guidelines.
Mark; “Grandfathered in” comment.
“Structural modifications” language vs. “replacement” language.
Snow removal? Seasonal business exemption?
Discussion regarding adding new language to the ordinance. ADA compliant with adjacent property owner. Have a termination point or connection to existing sidewalk.
Ordinance tabled for now.

6. October meeting date – Tuesday October 6th. 6pm

7. Motion to adjourn at 9:20 by Mark, 2nd by Greg. No opposed.