September 15 Emergency Preparedness Committee Minutes

Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting: September 15th, 2020, at the Cornucopia Community Center
Members present: Yvette Fleming, Roger Lindgren, Harry Kellogg, and Owen Polifka

Old Business:

The Survey/Flip charts:

Yvette and Owen met previously and wrote a summary of the EPC survey and presented it to the committee via email and it was approved by the committee. This survey will be provided to the Emergency Preparedness Resource Persons (EPRPs) who will, in turn, provide them along with other materials to their respective residents as will be addressed later.

Yvette indicated that Hart Graphics of Ashland will print our flip charts.

Harry and Roger (along with Jan Victorson, Bayfield Country Emergency Government Coordinator) attended a zoom meeting hosted by Lissa Radke (UW Extension) to discuss Emergency Operations Plans with various surrounding communities. The purpose of the meeting was to share successes as well as failures in the development and implementation of such plans and what we can learn from each other. A cooperative agreement exists which emphasizes the need to share resources with Bayfield and Ashland counties in the event of a disaster. Roger will review the 1972 ordinance and provide comments. Our committee will address how this agreement would benefit our town in such an event.

Community Center Shelter:

Yvette provided us with a copy of the extensive Red Cross Shelter Facility Survey which addresses such facility recommendations as size of doors, water and internet availability, generators and many other issues. A quick reference guide for individual or community emergency action committees regarding internet sites for help in disaster planning, responding and recovery was also provided. The idea is to provide families with the first things you should do in the event of a forest fire, extended power outage, extreme snow etc. It included information on free FEMA mobil apps, Ready Wisconsin sites as well as other useful references.

FEMA Pamphlets:

Harry handed out a couple of emergency pamphlets. They included an EFFAK (Emergency Financial First Aid Kit) which provides information on how to financially prepare for any disasters or emergencies. It also discusses having financial and legal documentation, medical information, household contracts, military service information, licenses, and pet information at the ready in case of having to evacuate the home quickly. Another useful FEMA pamphlet provides detailed information on how to create a family’s emergency communication plan.


Yvette provided the committee with a concise bullet-point modification of the EPRP job description to be provided to the EPRPs. We reviewed Yvette’s color coded local map that illustrates the various regions (neighborhoods) of our township. We subsequently identified the regions which still need EPRP volunteers to accept that role and who, of us, would recruit in those areas. We then discussed various materials that potentially should be provided to the EPRPs (such as their job description). The informational items that the EPRPs will be providing to their residents include: disaster and medical flip charts for quick reference, refrigerator address/medical information magnets, a sample NOAA radio and how to obtain one, a copy of the survey summary, the various FEMA pamphlets described above and recommendations for an effective “Grab and Go” emergency supply ready to go if evacuation is necessary.

The EPRPs will also make recommendations on such issues as maintaining a visible address sign. They will also be educated on the importance of being an effective liaison between their residents and the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

New Business:

Roger will attempt to obtain funding for a generator to be provided to the Community Center.

Yvette will contact Norvado to explore how to optimize our community broadband service. She will also research the possibility of a grant for teaching the basics of broadband capabilities.

We discussed having a plan to have all the town board members, our committee members as well as the EPRPs take part in the FEMA ICS (Incident Command System) 200 and 100 courses.

We discussed the need to have our Incident Command Organizational Chart populated with the appropriate persons including as many town board members as possible.

Next meeting:

Tuesday, October 20th, at 6:30pm at the Community Center

Respectfully submitted