TUESDAY, September 8, 2020
7:00 PM at the Community Center
Limited seating
Masks required
Live stream will be available by internet
Room ID:588-509-622


Call Meeting to Order
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Clerk’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Board Comments

Citizen Letter – ATV speed limit
Citizen Letter – parking policies
Citizen Letter – Fireworks ordinance
Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest – grant possibility
Bayfield County Emergency Management – September is National Preparedness Month
Town of Bell – letter of support for the Rural Affordable Workforce Housing Initiative
UW Green Bay – Grant-writing webinars
Wisconsin Towns Association – listening sessions on leveraging state programs
Wisconsin Towns Association – Broadband expansion grant possibility

Committee Reports
See below

Public Comment Period – if possible, please submit in advance.

Old Business
– Reassign town cell phone to CCManager – was a flip phone
– Lost Creek Beach Update – Survey in process
Parking Ordinance – “Tag and Tow”
Fireworks Ordinance – review
Sidewalk Ordinance – review
Transient Vendor Ordinance – review
– Fall Projects
– Work Order Form – list of contractors

New Business
– Chas McKhann Class A Special Use permit
– Hammond Class A Special Use Permit
– Forestry Management Plan – split Parks and Lands
– Potential Purchase of new (used) Fire Truck
– Emergency Preparedness Plan – present – review
– Propane Supplier Bids
– Donation of bike rack
– “Main Street Plan”

Pay Bills and Adjourn



Here is a rundown of the August ambulance activity:
Bell – 2
Clover – 0
Orienta – 0
Port Wing – 1
Mutual aid – 1
2 – Transports
1 – Lift assist
1 – Fire standby (Iron River)

Airport Maintenance: The airport was mowed August 21st. Usage: 18 planes flew in during the month of August. This included a Cessna Caravan which is possibly the first turboprop plane to have ever used the airport! That brings the total to 41 planes this year. Projects: Dennis Kaseno donated and delivered firewood. Installed a donation box as well as instructions for online donation options. Jeff Russell is planning on flying up to install tie downs during Labor Day weekend. He is also going to place a “faucet stem key” in the pilot shelter with directions to enable pilots to get water from the town garage exterior faucet. We are going to also provide a temporary extension cord from the outlets on the light pole to a post near the pilot shelter for phone charging etc. Other: Howard Davis with the WI DOT is planning to come out to the airport on September 25 to look at possible other options to provide the clear-way needed to transition the airport to public status in the future.

Emergency Preparedness Committee
Preparedness Survey:
Owen and Yvette agreed to review the information that Kurt Nelson has compiled in order to condense it into a summary to share with our residents as discussed in our previous meeting. Kudos to Kurt.
Emergency Reference Guide:
An idea for a quick reference guide covering all the identified emergency situations was presented. The idea is to provide families with the first 6 things you should do in case a forest fire, extended power outage, extreme snow etc.
FEMA Pamphlets:
Harry will order the FEMA pamphlets (or brochures) that can be distributed to our residents by their respective Emergency Preparedness Resource Person (EPRP).
The Community Center will likely be designated as a safe refuge in the event of an emergency.
Emergency Preparedness Resource Person:
It was suggested that there is a need to begin confirming the various regional EPRPs.

Community Center
– Updated Community Center rules and regulations have been posted
– 24/7 open hours have not posed a problem
– People continue to ask when library will be open
– Work continues on gardens and outside lawns
– A bicycle rack has been donated
– Elevator is being worked on
– Various light fixtures are showing their age and pricing on new LED fixtures is being explored with the 24/7 elevator light to be the first replaced. Outside outlets
– Outside electrical outlets are needed
– A new outside bulletin board is in the works
– Free masks are available at the CC entrance
– Main room hard wood floor is being refurbished

Finished embedding the Facebook pages for the museum and airport into their respective pages on the Town website. Judy is trained in to update the web calendar. We also had a few more additions to the Town email list through the sign-up on the website. A friendly reminder to committee presidents and secretaries that agendas, minutes, and notices should be emailed to ( for posting online

Library – remains closed

Harbor Commission – nothing new to report at this time.

Museum – remains closed – much activity in clean up, archiving, and records.