Town of Bell Sign criteria

The purpose of establishing sign permit approval criteria is to have a procedure in place to guide the Planning Commission and the Town of Bell Board in its consideration of Sign Permit applications. These criteria will minimize the time needed to review and establish criteria based on references to the Comprehensive Plan and citizen responses to the survey that established the Plan.

To have an administrative review procedure that is minimally necessary to balance the community’s objectives with reasonable advertising that meets the needs of businesses.

• Materials should consider the historical traditions and environmentally friendly culture of the community
• The appropriate design, scale and placement shall protect and preserve the aesthetic quality and physical appearance of the Town.
• Dimensions of LED lighting shall not exceed a 64” by 14” display
o There will be a 3 second minimum time for the display to change
o Total size of the sign shall not exceed 6’ wide by 3 1/2’ high
• Permit businesses to inform, identify, and communicate effectively
• Provide for reasonable and appropriate communication for on-premise signs in order to foster successful businesses.
• Light during hours of operation only
• Signage should not inhibit significant views
• Lighting and signage should be directed away from residences
• Lower color temperature colors (yellowish white thru red) only are acceptable

The measure of brightness emanating from signs is vital to the relationship between sign brightness and driver and pedestrian safety.

Luminance Limits for Signs.
Applicability: This Section applies to all On-Premise, electronic variable message signs.
• Nighttime: Maximum Luminance. No sign covered by this Section shall present a display or any part of a display that exceeds 40 nits between the end of civil twilight in the evening and the beginning of civil twilight in the morning.
• Daytime: Maximum Luminance. No sign covered by this Section shall present a display or any part of a display that exceeds 2000 nits between the beginning of civil twilight in the morning and the end of civil twilight in the evening

The recorded measurements, including the date and time made and the permit number for the sign(s) in question shall be provided by the owners/installers to the Town of Bell Board

Dimming Capability for Signs.
• Applicability. All signs that have the capability for automatic or remote luminance adjustment shall be equipped with technology that automatically adjusts the sign’s luminance in direct correlation with ambient light conditions. In no case shall such capability permit the sign to operate at luminance levels greater than those set forth herein.

In addition to Section 13-1-85—Sec 13-1-91 of the Bayfield County Sign Ordinance the following are recommended prohibited signs:

• Animated
• Multi-Prism
• Tri-vision
• Flutter
• Feather
• Wind activated (such as streamers, pennant, and balloons including wind activated banners, cold air inflatable and other fixed aerial advertising signs or signage when used for commercial advertising
• Holographic display
• Floodlights and beacon lighters used to display messages except required by the FAA or USCG
• Signs that emit sound vapor, smoke, odor or gaseous matter


Download this ordinance as a PDF.