Siskiwit River Preserve Project Timeline

Siskiwit River Preserve Project Timeline

As of 5/4/2022

Completed To-Date

  1. Primary access road and parking area.
    a. East side of river.
  2. Secondary access road and parking area.
    a. West side of river.
  3. Removal of old yellow cabin.
  4. Primary trail.
  5. East side of river.
  6. Improved/established sustainable trail tread.
  7. Brushing and hazard tree removal. d. Boardwalk.
  8. Elevated boardwalk/bridge.
  9. Orchard rehabilitation.
  10. Cleared/brushed approx. 1.5 acres in eastern boundary, adjacent to Siskiwit Falls Rd.
  11. Meadow trails.
  12. Established a hiking trail within the existing meadow area
  13. Kiosk and informational signs. a. East side of river.
  14. Trail counter monitoring use.
  15. In 2021, the trail counter registered over 9,200 entries. The counter only registers vehicles {and people) that enter on the eastern access road. If we assume at least 2 people per vehicle, there was likely nearly 19,000 individual uses in 2021. And most likely much more, as many people park at the western entrance.
  16. Everything above will require routine and regular maintenance.

Planned and/or Anticipated Projects (2022 and 2023)

  1. Concrete vault toilet.
    a.To be installed spring 2022, east side of river, north end of parking area.
  2. Orchard rehabilitation.
    a. Prune and revitalize approx. 60 apple trees that have been released within the 1.5 acres.
    b.  Potentially establish a community or hard for long-term maintenance.
    c. Pruning will likely occur winter 2022/2023.
    d. Identify other potential areas for rehabilitation,if feasible.
  3. Meadow/Prairie  restoration.
    a. Work with the WDNR to establish a plan to restore the meadow to native prairie.
    i. This would most likely involve a series of treatments,including prescribed fire and herbicide, depending on species already present.