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Minutes to be approved at the next board meeting TOWN OF BELL BOARD MEETING
Tuesday, December 10, 2019
7:00 p.m. at the COMMUNITY CENTER

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. Board members present were Roger Lindgren,
James Kaseno, Andrew Sauter Sargent, Jackie Eid, Allan Hahn, MaryBeth Tillmans and Janice Olson.
-Board Meeting Minutes- J. Eid made a motion to approve the minutes and
J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Approved.
-Treasurer’s Report –A. Sauter Sargent made a motion to approve the report and J. Eid 2nd the motion.
Yvette Fleming made remarks in memory of Jim O’Leary

Action Requests
19-04 – No access to Lost Creek Falls signs on Carls Road
The sign has not been placed there yet.
19-09 – Snow plowing on Superior Ave.
R. Lindgren, Matt Hipsher and Jane Norton will meet to discuss the issue.
19-10 – Buildup of water in Bog – remove / relocate Beavers
The beavers have been removed.
19-11 – Closers on CC foyer doors
Handicapped individuals would not be able to open the doors with closers. Wipers will
be added to the bottoms of the doors.
19-12 – Signage of Siskiwit Bay Parkway
Speed limit signs will be placed on the parkway.
19-13 – Repair Boat Launch
This is being addresses as part of the WisDOT MLS harbor project
19-14 – Replace Damaged Mail Box
J. Eid read the Town of Bell ordinance on mailboxes. J. Kaseno made a motion to table this
until the spring when the post is visible and address it then. A. Sauter Sargent 2nd the motion.
Vote: (4-1) Yes- R. Lindgren, J. Kaseno, A. Sauter Sargent and J. Eid. No – A. Hahn. Motion
19-15 – ATV route from B3 to Siskiwit Falls Road
Possibilities for a route will be researched.
19-16 – Add Voyager View Road to the town snowplowing list
This will be discussed at the next Planning Commission meeting.
19-17 – Exercise Room in Community Center
A growing group of individuals would like an exercise room in the book storage area of the
community center. This will be on next month’s agenda.

Parking and Snow Removal – Courtesies and Ordinances
A letter is being sent with the taxes bills stating the town’s two ordinances on parking and snow
removal during snow events. Parking is not allowed on streets until they have been plowed.
When clearing driveways, the snow cannot be put on the town road.
Minutes to be approved at the next board meeting
WTA request to ask legislators support for LRB 4126/4973
Wisconsin Towns Association has asked for support for the LRB 4126/4973 regarding town
shoreline area.

Letter to Bewley and Meyers re support of Bill regarding Town Zoning in shoreline area
R. Lindgren read the letter that was sent to Bewley and Meyers in support of the bill.

Committee Reports
Fire Department/Ambulance – The South Shore area ambulance service had four calls. Three
were to Port Wing and one was to the Town of Bell. The fire department had no calls.
The Fire Department Turkey dinner was a huge success. The department had a CPR and
defibrillator training session.
Roads- The town crew has been busy plowing.

Planning Commission- They have worked on the WISDOT MLS grant project.
Seventy two million is available for improvements to roads and harbors. The grant is
90% state funds and 10% town funds. Two projects were submitted for the grant. One is
the Main Street project grant. It is for Superior Avenue and Siskiwit Bay Parkway. Along
Superior Ave., items included are increased parking, sidewalks, curb and gutters, storm
sewer, handicap parking, electric car parking and large planter boxes. Gravel and
diagonal parking and will be added to Siskiwit Bay Parkway. It was submitted as a design
and build project. The amount of the grant is for $450,000. The second grant is the harbor
project. It is for sheet piling both sides of the river north of the bridge. It will allow for
dredging to be done land based versus a barge. The amount of the grant is for $800,000.
Copies of the completed grants were available at the meeting. The state will award grants
late January or late February. Projects will need to be completed in six years.
Roger asked the Planning Commission to consider an ordinance requiring that any private
road built to service a subdivision must be built to Town/DOT standards. This must be a
condition of the land use permit.

Marina –There was not a meeting.
Parks and Lands –This month’s meeting was cancelled. Nominations are being taken
for members to the committee.

Museum- No report.

Community Center- The community center has been busy. J. Kerr requested that people having
meetings should contact her, to verify the room is available and to be added to the
calendar. This will help to avoid conflict. The Learning Center is coming along well.

Website-There is nothing new.

Library – No report.
Recycling Center – Things are slowing down. Looking to find organization to take the

Airport – No report.
Community Emergency Preparedness – A survey to try and gauge the preparedness of the
community with be sent out late December or early January. Input is needed.
Learning Center- They have been working very hard and things are going well.

Public Comment Period
Doug Becker –He thanked M. Hipsher for going beyond and above on getting him out after
the snow storm.
Yvette Fleming – She had a question about when the gutters on the community center will be
fixed. They will be repaired later, due to the snow.
Minutes to be approved at the next board meeting

Old Business
1. Appointment to the Parks and Lands Committee
Nominations are being taken for members to the committee. Nominations can be
sent to A. Sauter Sargent or R. Lindgren.
2. Consequences of lake level rise in Harbor – Report from Oct 2nd meeting
There is no further information.
3. Holiday Decoration – Thank you to Bob Fick, Peter Rothe, Dennis Edwards
Peter Rothe, Bob Fick, Dennis Edwards, Bob Wenberg, Jane Luering and Janice Olson
were all thanked for their contributions to the holiday decorating.
4. WisDOT MLS program-“Main Street” and Harbor Projects
This was covered under committee reports for Planning Commission. The grants were submitted.
5. Adoption of Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule
The Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule form sent to the Wisconsin Historical Society was
returned from them approved and signed. A. Hahn made a motion to approve the Ordinance 2019-7
Adoption of Wisconsin Municipal Records Schedule and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision.
6. Army core of Engineers proposal to provide drainage study
M. Tillmans received an email from Mary Weidel of The Army Corp of Engineers that they have a
hold on projects for a few months for the State of Wisconsin. She will be in contact with her again
after the hold.
7. High Water Issues – potential help from ACOE Krystal Walker
R. Lindgen is working on the issue. He has been in contact with The Sea Grant, Wis. Coastal Mgmt,
the Army Corp of Engineers and Bayfield Co. Emergency Management.

New Business
1. Approval of list of appointees for election officers
J. Eid made a motion to approve the list of election officers and A. Hahn 2nd the motion.
Unanimous decision. Approved.
2. Admin Assistant Job Description
The job description for the position of Administrative Assistant was reviewed. There were no additions/corrections. If the job is filled, it must be posted.
Bills were paid. At 9:10 p.m., A. Sauter Sargent made a motion to adjourn the meeting and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Approved.
Respectfully submitted,
MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk