7:00 p.m. at the COMMUNITY CENTER

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  Board members present were Matt Lazorik,

Janice Olson, James Kaseno, Jackie Eid, MaryBeth Tillmans and Lynda  Nedden Durst.

Andrew Sauter Sargent was absent.

-Board Meeting Minutes- J. Olson made a motion to approve the minutes and J. Eid

2nd the motion.  Approved.

-Treasurer’s Report –J. Olson made a motion to approve the report and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion.  Approved.

Public Comment Period

David Trudeau – Requesting that the Town of Bell budget for dust treatment of the highly

populated traveled gravel roads along the Superior an Siskiwit lake shores for the years 2019


Yvette Fleming-Would like to see calcium chloride on the Superior and Siskiwit lake shores.

She supports D. Trudeau’s request.

Roger Lindgren- Could it be estimated what would be necessary to fulfill the request for

the calcium chloride and to get a dollar amount before the budget meeting?

Old Business

  1. Comprehensive Plan Survey

Nancy Moye has offered to volunteer. Discussion of the survey was held at the last

Planning Commission meeting.  Larry Chernoff does not want to be involved.  Greg Weiss

is not available until October.  No commitment was received from Jackie Eid. The survey

project will require two meetings a month.  More volunteers are needed.


New Business

  1. Fire department access to water on town land – discussion and decision

More areas at the marina need to be designated as no parking  and a boat launch access

area only.  This needs to be done so the fire department has access to the water in case

of an emergency.  There needs to  be a fifteen minute parking time set for parking in front

of the launch.  There should also be a no parking area in front of the Superior St. access

to the beach.

  1. Approve Propane Bids

The following bids were received:

FerrellGas – $1.199

Como Gas – $ 1.399

Midland – $1.28

  1. Eid made a motion to approve the bid from FerrellGas for $1.199 and J. Olson 2nd the

motion.  Unanimous decision.  Approved.

  1. Date for Open Book – Aug. 27th 4pm-6pm and Board of Review –Sept. 7th 9am-11am.
  2. Community Center Manager job opening-decision to advertise for applications

Bill Draeger, the current manager wants to step down.  The position will be posted in

town and advertised in the Daily Press.  There will be one night of interviews.

  1. Appointment of Planning Commissioner
  2. Lazorik made a motion to nominate M. Ehlers. Unanimous decision.  Approved.


Committee Reports

Fire Dept.- The South Shore ambulance had twelve calls.  Three to Bell, four to Herbster and

five to Port Wing.  The fire department had one alarm, which was an EMS assist.  Corny Day

was a big success.  The profit was approximately $12,000.

Roads-  The road crew has been doing ditching and culvert installations.  The paving of streets

will be done next year.  Klemick will be closed for a while to do some ditching.

Planning Commission-There was discussion about the new survey.  They are going through the

Comprehensive Plan to look for questions for the new survey.

Marina – The broken and rotted posts have been replaced.  The new boardwalk is done.

Parks and Lands/Green Shed –Discussed planting of grass on the Corny Beach berm at the end

of Superior Ave.  There is concern of people ignoring the signs of limited beach use.

They are looking at ways to keep the water out of the Green Shed.  More work is being

done at the campground.

Community Center- It has been very busy.

Notices/Library-A board walk will be built to the new notice board.

Recycling Center- Recycling is up 35% from last year.  Eagle Waste is putting together a

quote for recycling.  A new sign is being made for the metal dumpster.

Airport- J. Kesso met with the captain of the National Guard.  They are interested in coming

and doing some leveling of the surface and possible brushing and stumping along the sides.

Cornucopia Business Association – None

Scenic Byways Committee-None

Bills were paid.  At 8:15 p.m.,  J. Eid made a motion to adjourn the meeting and M. Lazorik 2nd the motion.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted

MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk