Town of Bell Caucus Minutes – Tues., Jan. 10, 2023

Town of Bell


Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Position           Nominee              Nominated By                                       Nomination Accepted      

Chairman      -Jackie Eid               Yvette Fleming                                                     Yes*

-Matt Lazorik           Joni Vaughan                                                        Yes


Position           Nominee                Nominated By                        

Supervisor(2)-Paul Ehlers            -J. Eid                                                                      Yes

-Jackie Eid              -M. Lazorik                                                              Yes

-Doug Becker         -R. Lindgren


Position           Nominee                Nominated By     

Clerk          -MaryBeth Tillmans  -Jane Luehring                                                           Yes


Position           Nominee                Nominated By                 

Treasurer   -Janice Olson              -Jane Luehring                                                           Yes

The caucus ended at 7:14 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk


*Jackie Eid declined the Chairman when filing her papers.

The ballot will be:

Chair:  Matthew Lazorik

Supervisor (2):  Jackie Eid

Paul Ehlers

Clerk: MaryBeth Tillmans

Treasurer: Janice Olson