April 19, 2021 – Harbor Commission Meeting Minutes

Town of Bell

Harbor Commission Meeting

Monday, April 19, 2021


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m..  Members present were Chuck Perry, Jesse Kaseno, Pauline Colamatteo, Will Tillmans, David Tillmans and MaryBeth Tillmans.  Jessica Resac and Mark Halvorson were absent. Roger Lindgren, Town of Bell Chairman and Andrew Sauter Sargent, Town of Bell Supervisor were also present.


Minutes – A motion was made by P. Colamatteo to approve the minutes of the last meeting and

  1. Tillmans 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision.  Approved.

Conflict of interest – None

Public Comments – None

Public Hearing – None


Harbor Dredging Committee –The USACE floating plant will be here in June or July to do emergency

strike removal for approximately 8 ten hour days. The USACE offered rock for the break wall access,

but the work has already been done by the Parks & Lands committee. The USACE has put in for

funding for dredging in 2022 through the President’s Budget and in 2023 in case it is not received in

2022.  The amount put in for is $700,000 worth of dredging and $500,000 of wall work. The USACE

chief engineers had a meeting with congressional heads.  It was recommended to contact our

representative.  D. Tillmans has been contacting Tom Tiffany, our congressional leader for funds to

be allocated to the USACE for the Cornucopia Harbor. The USACE surveyed the harbor and river.

The condition survey will be available Friday.

Shop Grade Issues Committee-The permit for fill from the Bayfield Co. has been received.  Manzanita

Peterson will organize shop owners to have a volunteer day. The permit is for 225 cu. yard of fill.

The fill will be from the town. The work will be done on a weekend in mid to late May.

Green Shed Committee – Steve Denker will fix the facia in the front and paint it. The floor is cracking

more. Indoor/outdoor carpet is being considered to cover the floor.  Steve can’t fix the boards in

the back of the building.


Old Business:

  1. Long-Term Lease Discount
  2. Perry received a letter from the board for guidelines. The lease needs to be rewritten.  J. Kaseno

will head a committee. The town board would like it done by mid August. The town board has

extended the Halvorson lease by a year.

  1. Harbor map/jurisdiction- This is being worked on to improve it. Footage from a drone will be used to

provide coverage.  This will be done once the docks are in.

  1. Ten Year Plan – No update
  2. Breakwater Access – Discussion was held about putting a boardwalk in on the north side of

Halvorson’s.  It would be put up on posts.  The Parks and Lands committee will look at this.

The Harbor Commission would get it done.

  1. Boardwalk leveling – It needs to be jacked up and blocked.
  2. Marina Handyman part time as need employee/contractor – Mark Lutz is willing to do the work.

Discussion was held about wage and hours.  The position would be marina maintenance, not

handyman.  J. Kaseno made a motion to post the position for Maintenance person for the marina

area and P Colamatteo 2nd the motion.  Unanimous decision.  Approved.  The wage will not be

posted.  It is to be determined by qualifications.

  1. BIG, RBF and HAP grant update

The BIG funds have not been awarded yet.  However, Roger Lindgren was told the project

should be awarded, but that patience is needed.  The RBF has been awarded. The agreement was

received from HAP. Linda Coleman, the town’s attorney provided preliminary questions.  The

agreement was returned to HAP with comments and questions from L. Coleman and R. Lindgren.

A notice was put out for engineering proposals for all three projects. They are due by May 20th.

  1. Harbor Shop sign

Harbor shop owners are looking at replacing the harbor shop sign.  The preliminary design was



New Business:

  1. Financial Reports – Reports were reviewed.
  2. Wisconsin Commercial Ports Association (WCPA)

Payment was made for the WCPA membership for $250.00.



  USACE stakeholders annual meeting is April 30, 2021.


The next meeting date was set for Monday, May 17th at 7:00 p.m..

At 8:35 p.m., D. Tillmans made a motion to adjourn and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion.  Approved.


Respectfully submitted,


MaryBeth Tillmans – Secretary