Bell Cemetery

The current Bell Cemetery is located on Rest Drive, off of Siskiwit Lake Road. An older cemetery, in use from 1902 to 1915, is located at the end of Trail Drive.

Cemetery Rates Old Rate New Rate
Cemetery Plot Rate$250$450
Summer Burial Rates (April 16 - November 14)
- Cremains$50$200
- Full Casket Burial$200$400
Winter Burial Rates (November 15 - April 15)
- Cremains$50$400
- Full Casket Burial$200$750
Weekend/Holiday Premium$ -$100

Non-resident fees: multiplier of 1.4 of resident rate
A resident is defined as a person who owns property in the Town of Bell and pays taxes on it.

Disinterment charges: at cost plus 25%
Monument fees: at cost plus 25%

Reduced rates: The Town Board may modify an individual's burial rates in case of hardship.

Effective January 1, 2020


Matt Hipsher, Sexton
Phone: 715-209-7322

Read the full text of the Town Cemetery Ordinance here.