Town of Bell Harbor Commissioners

7:00 PM Monday October 4, 2021

Town of Bell Community Center


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m..  Members present were Chuck Perry, Will Tillmans, Jesse Kaseno, Pauline Colamatteo and MaryBeth Tillmans. Jessica Resac and Jennifer Sauter Sargent were absent. Kristen Anderson resigned as a commissioner.

Roger Lindgren, Town of Bell Chairman and David Tillmans were also present.


Minutes  – A motion was made by P. Colamatteo to approve the minutes from regular

September meeting and the budget setup meeting.  J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Approved.  J.

Kaseno made a motion to approve the minutes from the special meeting on September 29th

and W. Tillmans 2nd the motion. Approved.

Conflict of interest – None

Public Comments – None

Public Hearing – None


Harbor Dredging Committee –D. Tillmans report.  Rock repair work was done by the ACOE.

They had to dig to get their equipment in. The rock work was done along the northeast

wall.  Sand was put in the area of the submerged land lease. The existing dredge permits

expired on August 23rd.  D. Tillmans and W. Tillmans have been working on the new

electronic application. Core sampling and sediment analysis are needed for the east and

west slips.  Five to seven core samplings are required if the area is dredged more than

three feet. Grab samples can be done for less than three feet of dredging. They will

research the cost.

  1.      Tillmans is looking into setting up a group from recreational harbors on Lake Superior

and Lake Michigan to get government representation in Washington to setup funds for

dredging of recreational harbors. The USACE stated that there is insufficient tonnage of

cargo for a commercial harbor classification in Cornucopia. The USACE has been dredging

commercial harbors only.  Cornucopia is classified as a recreational harbor with the them.

The last time the USACE funded a dredge in Cornucopia was in 2008.

Discussion was held about a possible cooperative effort in the future between the Town of

Bell Harbor and Siskiwit Bay Marina for equipment for dredging.

Shop Grade Issues Committee – There was a meeting with the shop owners.  They do not

want to do anything.  They could do grading individually between now and January 1. The

permit is valid until Jan. 1, 2022, for grading around the shops. The town would provide

the fill.

Green Shed Committee – No report


Old Business

  1. Halvorson Lease 2022

Updated copies of the leases were just received.  P. Colamatteo made a motion

to table this until next month and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision.

Approved.  This will give the commissioners time to review the documents.

  1. Harbor map – No update
  2. Ten Year Plan – No update
  3. Breakwater access – No update
  4. Boardwalk leveling

The maintenance person is not interested in the boardwalk project.  C. Perry

will check with Matt Lazorik to get an estimate and see if he is interested in

the project.

  1. Marina Maintenance part time as needed employee

The position is still open to anyone interested.

  1. BIG and RBF and HAP grant update

The RBF has been granted.  The BIG is being resubmitted with the updated costs.

There is no update on the HAP.

  1. Harbor Master Job Description
  2. Colamatteo will work on the description
  3. Shop Lease Policy Statement
  4. Sauter Sargent is working on this. There is no update.
  5. AIS prevention grant update
  6. Lindgren has submitted a proposal. He will be meeting with the DNR on

Thursday. The grant will provide training and materials for volunteers to

inspect boating going in and coming out.

  1. General Rules Update – No update

New Business

  1. Financial Statement – Reviewed


    WI Department of Fish & Wild Life – They are looking at locations for a monitoring

system for tagged fish going up stream to spawn.


At 8:02 p.m., W. Tillmans made a motion to adjourn and P. Colamatteo 2n the motion.  Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Secretary