April 16 Emergency Preparedness Minutes

Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting (via zoom):  April 16, 2020

Members participating:  Anna Hipke-Krueger, Yvette Fleming, John Higney, Harry Kellogg, Roger Lindgrin, and Owen Polifka
As with the meeting of last week, this meeting dealt mainly with the continued review and updating of our committee’s Emergency Action Plan.
It was decided that John’s concept of utilizing an appendix for the main summary of each topic would be addressed at a later date.  The use of an enlarged flip chart and easel will also be addressed at a later date.
The Fire Hazard section was condensed somewhat by deleting a long sentence the was deemed redundant.
Eventually, each section will be changed to a format which is quicker to interpret utilizing bullet points (Yvette’s format).  John explained that this format features a quicker view of the important aspects of a vital section by highlighting the objectives as well as incident specific considerations of that section.  Anna has already redone the Pandemic as well as the Power Outage sections in this manner.
Anna and Yvette will explore the process of consolidating the Flood and Flood Elevation sections of the plan in the same manner while reducing the redundancies that now exist within those sections.
John mentioned that we should explore a process where river levels or a river level change can be monitored upstream and somehow alert the town of an impending flood possibility.  Roger agreed to research such a process.
The Power Outage section was very nicely re-formatted by Anna, however, we will change the “generic” power company to more specifically Excell Energy and Bayfield Electric Cooperative.  
Roger will check with Jeff Byerhof regarding Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring communities.  In addition, Jan Victorson is said to probably have more information on such agreements.
John will check out the possibility of adding bullet point responses to the Evaluation section such as:  Public Survey, Emergency Response Survey and Utility Input.
Owen indicated that he will email his section on Special Needs Individuals to Anna for possibly adapting to the Yvette Format.
Harry reported that 10 more surveys have been received and he will ask Kurt to integrate these responses into our results.
No new information has been provided by Jan recently regarding the flip charts, however, there is no urgency to this matter especially in light of the increased work-load that she has likely been inundated with as this pandemic steamrolls on.
Next Meeting:   Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 1 pm.
Respectfully submitted,