August 11 Town Board Minutes

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
7:00 p.m. at the

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Board members present were Roger Lindgren, James Kaseno, Andrew Sauter-Sargent, Jackie Eid, Allen Hahn, and MaryBeth Tillmans. Janice Olson was absent.

– Board Meeting Minutes – A. Hahn made a motion to approve the minutes and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous. Approved.
– Treasurer’s Report – J. Eid made a motion to approve the report and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Approved (3-1) Yes – R. Lindgren, J. Kaseno & Jackie Eid. No – Allen Hahn. Approved.

Board Comments
– A. Hahn – He is working with the DNR on the town’s Forestry Management Plan. A timber plan needs to be done.
– A. Sauter-Sargent – A blue green algae bloom occurred in the harbor recently and was reported to the DNR. Any sightings of a blue green algae bloom in harbor or beach area should be reported to the DNR.
– R. Lindgren – Recognized the passing of Lyle Huusko.

– Concern about road congestion at Lost Creek Beach, Trespass issues, Crowding issues – Letter received.
– Concern about road congestion and parking issues on Superior Ave. between State Hwy 13 and Elm St. – Letter received
– 2020 Clean Sweep- August 11, Iron River & August 12, Ashland, Wisconsin
– Dept. Revenue – Delayed PPA payments

Committee Reports
Reports reviewed by Board

Public Comment Period
Anna Hipke-Krueger – There is a problem with the town’s policy on masks at the Community Center.

Old Business
– Reassign town cell phone to CC Manager – A. Hahn made a motion to reassign Bill Draeger’s cell phone to the Community Center manager and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Community Center Hours –The community center will be open 24/7. Mask policy will be redone to conform with the latest guidance from Bayfield County Health.
– Community Center Severe Weather/Emergency Shelter Procedures – The Emergency Management Committee is working with the Red Cross on requirements of a bonafide shelter.
– Sidewalks – Superior Ave ROW – There are three opinions for sidewalks on Superior Ave. One is to lease it to the property owner. Two is to have a 50/50 cost share on expenses. Three is to give back the sidewalk to the land owner by a process of abandoning the road. The Planning Commission recommended leasing it to the property owner if the town does own the sidewalk. Discussion was held. The road is a platted town road. A. Sauter-Sargent made a motion to table the issue to the next town meeting. J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. A. Sauter-Sargent rescinded his motion. After discussion, it was determined that the Town would retain control of the sidewalk. J. Eid will work with the Planning Commission on a proposal with a 50/50 share to include a hold harmless clause and a clear pathway requirement.
– Parking – Superior Avenue between State Hwy 13 and Elm St. – Discussion was held. A. Hahn made a motion to have one-hour parking signs from the north boundary of the Cornucopia Coffee & Sweet Shoppe property line, to Elm St. J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Lost Creek Beach Issues – The Lost Creek Beach is public. There are problems with parking. Fire trucks or emergency vehicles would not be able to get through sometimes. The no parking signs will be changed to “no parking this side of the street and violators will be ticketed and towed.” R. Lindgren will work on amending the parking ordinance. M. Hipsher and R. Lindgren will work on a turnaround area.
– Camping Ordinance – A. Hahn made a motion to approve the Camping ordinance 2020-1 and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Transient Vendor Ordinance – The Parks and Lands committee recommended passing the ordinance with the recommendation of the addition of fees and to stipulate where they are allowed. The Board will review the ordinance.
– Board member request to have named alternate Clerk and Treasurer – Lynda Nedden Durst is the Deputy Clerk and Christine Kelly is the Deputy Treasurer. Both individuals have been sworn in and are bonded.
Corrected Credit Card – Charge Account Policy – A. Hahn made a motion to approve the Charge Account Policy as corrected and J. Eid 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.

New Business
– Additional Cell Phone for Town Clerk – J. Kaseno made motion to approve the additional cell phone for the Town Clerk and R. Lindgren 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Form of Treasurer Report – A. Hahn requested that the items assigned funds, restricted funds and to spend funds be added to the current treasurer’s report. All monies are assigned by a budget approved at a special town meeting of the electors. The Board is provided a monthly budget report that shows the budgeted amounts, the actual amount spent and the difference of the two. A collapsed version of the budget report can be added to the treasurer’s report. A. Hahn will organize a meeting including the Town Clerk and Town Treasurer to review the above mentioned reports.
– Fireworks Ordinance – R. Lindgren is modifying the ordinance to have a time of usage restriction and if the property is a rental, the property owner is responsible. The board will review the ordinance.
– Austin Special Use Class A – They want to build on a property that is zoned residential and forestry. The Planning Commission recommended approving the request as long as it follows the more restrictive district. A. Sauter-Sargent made a motion to approve recommending the approval as long as it follows the more restrictive district and A. Hahn 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Extended CaCI program – A program will be created for next year. The town has a map with road maintenance issues that require CaCl. Properties on roads that are not on the map can be put on it for a nominal fee. M. Hipsher and R. Lindgren will meet to set up the program for next year.
– Live Stream Policy – The live streaming will be done the way it is done now. The current policy is okay as written.
– Work Order Form – Discussion was held. This item was tabled until September. Now is the time to plan ahead for fall projects. Board members and Committee Chairs are encouraged to develop lists of projects that need to be done so that plans can be made to accomplish some in September/October and also to be better prepared for budget meeting in October.

Bills were paid. At 9:22 p.m., A. Hahn made a motion to adjourn the meeting and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Clerk