August 3 Harbor Commission Minutes

Town of Bell
Harbor Commission Meeting
Monday, August 3, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m.. Members present were Chuck Perry, Jesse Kaseno, Pauline Colamtteo, Jessica Resac, Will Tillmans, David Tillmans and MaryBeth Tillmans. Mark Halvorson was absent. Roger Lindgren, Town of Bell Chairman and Allan Hahn, Town of Bell Supervisor were also present.

Minutes – A motion was made by P. Colamatteo to approve the minutes of the last meeting and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.

Conflict of interest – None

Public Comments – None

Public Hearing – None

– Harbor Dredging Committee – None
– Shop Grade Issues Committee – Manzanita Peterson spoke with Rob Schierman, Bayfield Co. Zoning Administrator about fill being used in low areas. A special fill can be used and a Special Class A Grading Permit is necessary. This will be looked into further.

Old Business:
– Harbor map/jurisdiction – This is being worked on to improve it.
– Improvements List – A meeting was held with the Museum Committee at the Green Shed. A number of things need to be done with the building. There are rotting boards, and the slab is tilting and cracking. Windows and doors need replacing or need to be fixed. These items will be put in the ten year plan for the Green Shed.
– Ten Year Plan – The improvement list will be made up and prioritized. Estimates will be needed for some of the projects. A plan will be drawn up.
– Breakwater Access – There is nothing new.
– Boardwalk leveling – There is between a two and eight inch sag on the boardwalks to be repaired.

New Business:
– Financial Statement – P. Colamatteo made a motion to have the statement approved after the minutes and D. Tillmans 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. P. Colamatteo made a motion to approve the statements with the format to be corrected and J. Kaseno 2nd the motion. Unanimous decision. Approved.
– Slip Lease Returns Review – There are payments are coming in. The A/R balance is approximately $2000.00. J. Resac is working with NOAA for an alternate type of payment, instead of a credit card.
– Marina Handyman part time as needed employee – Discussion was held about hiring a part time employee for small projects. A call list will be created and feelers will be put out.

– Department of Transportation Harbor Assistance Grant – The grant was completed by Will Tillmans and it was submitted on August 1st.
– Department of Natural Resources – Boating Infrastructure Grant(BIG) – The grant was completed by Roger and submitted.

The next meeting date was set for Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.

At 7:45 p.m., J. Kaseno made a motion to adjourn and P. 2nd the motion. Approved.

Respectfully submitted,

MaryBeth Tillmans – Secretary