Dumping of garbage on town property

An individual(s) has been dumping “compost” items this past winter on the snowbanks of North Boundary and Old C.  Please see attached photo of the most recent dumping along the north side of Old C taken by our Conservation Warden on March 21st.  Our Warden picked up the mess and disposed of it properly.   Last week someone dumped a big bin’s worth of used cat litter at the end of Rocky Rd.

Please keep on mind:

  • Composting should be done in a contained area.
  • Used cat litter and kitchen waste may be deadly/ toxic to wildlife as well as  For instance, onions are highly toxic to dogs/canines.  At this time of year wildlife is very hungry and will resort to items they cannot digest/tolerate or are toxic to them.

For your information, improper dumping of garbage is prohibited by State Law and on town property per Town of Bell Ordinance #OD 90-3:

Excerpt: Penalty for dumping of garbage on town property:

Any person violating this ordinance shall be fined not less than $50.00 up to $250.00 for each offense, plus cost and disbursements. In default of payment of the above forfeiture plus costs and disbursements, the person convicted shall be confined to the county jail until such forfeiture and cost have been paid, not to exceed thirty (30) days.


Please help by discontinuing this practice.  If you witness this practice and wish to report it, please call Amie Egstad, Bayfield Conservation Warden at 715-209-7615 or to Wisconsin DNR Hotline at 1-800-TIP-WDNR.

Thank you for any assistance stopping this very unsightly and illegal dumping activity.