February 6, 2020 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday Feb. 6, 2020

5:00 p.m. downstairs meeting room

Town of Bell Community Center



Called to order 5:02 by Jackie.

Commission members present: Jackie, Mark, Gordy, Greg, Alan, Roger sitting in.

  • Review/Approve previous meeting minutes
    • Mark motioned to approve, Gordy 2nd. Unanimous.
  • Correspondence/Updates
    • Discussed prospective campground owners and plan to expand. Not a commission prevue.
  • 2020 Goals and Objectives
    • Utilities and community facilities
      • Relocate substation away from waterfront
      • Crosswalk across Hwy 13 in process
    • Agricultural natural and cultural
      • Discussed Harbor committee starting feasibility inquiry/study for a boat cleaning station.
      • How to promote farmers market? Advertise, website, promote. Now “Cornucopia Market”.
      • Discussion regarding business park. $1000 in budget? Access? Excel energy interest in expanding services?
    • Economic development
      • Discussed “Establish frequent communication with utility providers regarding expanding needs in the community.
      • Business park possibilities. What can we do to make it more attractive?
    • Transportation Development
      • Discussion regarding BART. Event specific transportation?
      • ATV access in process via Hwy 13.


  • Tasked to comment on the boundaries for Town Of Bell by 2020 census. Committee concurs that it seems correct from our map records.
  • March 5th will be next PC meeting date. 4pm.
  • Motion to adjourn at 6:34 by Greg, Mark seconded. Unanimous.



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