Harbor Commission Minutes April 2023

Town Of Bell
Harbor Commission Meeting Monday, April 10, 2023

1. Call To Order – The meeting was called to order by Chuck Perry at 7:02 pm. Members present were Chuck Perry, Will Tillmans, Roger Lindgren, Pauline Colamatteo, Doug Becker, Jennifer Sauter-Sargent appeared via Zoom. Others present were Michael Thorson & Nancy Thorson.

2. Minutes – Pauline made a motion to accept the minutes Doug 2nd passed unanimously. 3. Conflict Of Interest – None
4. Citizen Comments – None
5. Public Hearing – None

6. Reports
A. Harbor Dredge Committee – Chuck moved to have Dave Tillmans email entered into the minutes Pauline 2nd. Passed unanimously.

B. Green Shed Committee – Pauline gave an update. They have been working on possible solutions to fix the mold problem. There is a meeting scheduled for this Thursday 4/13/23 at 5pm. They will be discussing reopening plans and the mold problem. They would like to be open in June.

C. Shop Lease Policy Statement – Chuck is working on it and would like feedback from the commissioners on what he has drafted up.

7. Old Business

A. Harbor Map – Chuck and Doug met and came to an agreement on the details of map. The marina will help financially if the bathrooms ever do get remodeled/rebuilt. Doug has had a couple conversations with the Nelson Stewardship Grant Program.

B. Ten Year Plan- Tabled till next meeting

C. Breakwater Access – Scheduled for work this spring

D. Sheet-Pile Project – Roger made a motion to reject all bids Pauline 2nd Passed unanimously. Roger asked for a couple hundred dollars to modify a map that was drawn up to go out with the new bid. Pauline made a motion to spend up to $300 to redo the map Doug 2nd passed unanimously. He asked that once that drawing is done to be able to post it in the paper again. Pauline stated that it cost $778 last time. Roger is going to see if he can get it cheaper. Roger made a motion to publish the new RFB Pauline 2nd. Passed unanimously

E. Norvado – Nothing new Roger is still working on it
F. AIS system update – This was supposed to be removed from the agenda.

8. New Business

A. Secretary Job Description Revised – Chuck will like a written description of how to handle the process of handing over bills to be paid by the town. Chuck wants MaryBeth, Janice, and Nancy to work on that and then report back to Chuck and the Commission to have them approve it. Nancy will publish the minutes on the town website.

B. Marina Docks and Grounds Committee – Chuck is looking for someone to head the Committee. Chuck wants to dress up the marina. Put nice grass seed in and some shrubs. Chuck wants Michael to go down and check the lightbulbs in the dock lights. The Fish Shed is going to be getting a grinder pump this year. They are working with the sanitary district to have this put in. Roger asked them to keep Michael in the loop of what’s going on. The Harbor Commission has to approve of the equipment and placement.

C. Halvorson’s Electric – Halvorson Fisheries were billed for the wrong amount on their latest bill. There are questions regarding the Green Sheds electricity usage this past winter as the bill is very high. Chuck asked Nancy to call X-Cel to see if they can help explain why the usage was so high.

D. Wisconsin Commercial Harbor Association – Annual dues are due. Doug made a motion to drop the membership Pauline 2nd. Passed unanimously

E. Financial Statement- Doug made a motion to approve the financial statements as published Pauline 2nd. Roger abstained. Passed. Pauline stated that MaryBeth already paid the dues for the Wisconsin Commercial Harbor Association so the membership will be canceled next year. Nancy received a bill from USPS for $68.00 Chuck approved to have the bill paid by the town. Nancy will submit payment to MaryBeth and Janice to have it paid

9. Communications – None
10. Adjournment – will made a motion to adjourn the meeting Pauline 2nd at 8:05pm

Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Thorson – Secretary

Harbor Dredge Report
Received via email from Dave Tillmans

Hi Chuck,
Here are some of the points we discussed yesterday concerning work on the Harbor Project.

We have two distinct problems with shoaling in the Harbor. One is sediment washing down the River and the other is sand washing from the West side beach across the mouth of the entryway.

Last June I organized a complete dredging of the river from both sides as close to the Hwy. 13 bridge as possible down to approximately the kiosk area. This covered the shallow portion of the river where we removed 1800 cu yds of material and transported it up to the Towns recycling center area as the site on our permit with WI DNR currently allows.

At the mouth of the Harbor Entry way I established a “Private Nav Aid” with the Coast Guard, listed in the Town’s name, several years ago and have been maintaining the permit and the Nun Buoy #2 since. This buoy is set in place each year to mark the end of the sandbar/shoal as it grows across the channel. This shoal was also opened up somewhat by the Corps last year with their floating plant “Schwartz”. It was here to do a small amount of rock work and had to dig it’s way in.

The DNR dredging permit we currently hold was done with them in a new format electronically taking five months of work. It covers the entry way, turning basin, and the river up to the bridge. It only allows for off site upland disposal. We also secured a new submerged land lease with the State of Wisconsin two years ago for disposal of spoils along part of the NE beach below the OHWM. It is twice as long as any previous leases held, at 20 years duration.

The DNR Dredge Permit was left open for later completion in order to get the East and West slips approved for dredging and also to be able to utilize the submerged land lease area for disposal. The sediment sampling, sizing, and lab analysis they require to do this could easily run into a $35,000. to $50,000. range.

Over the last few years I have been pursuing Federal Funding from the USACE to get Cornucopia into their budget and back onto their work plan to dredge and maintain Cornucopia Harbor. Last year we discovered that the Corps and also several agencies around the Apostle Island and around Cornucopia all had a very keen interest in the safety aspects provided by the Harbor. With several letters of support along with a push from our State Rep Beth Meyers and our U.S, Senator Tammy Baldwin we received the funds at the end of February ’23. A Congressional add-on to the President’s Budget of $1.12 million dollars. All parties involved, including our allies in USACE Detroit Headquarters, have been thanked for their assistance.

This is enough to dredge and more. I have been in contact with several of the people who are involved with the Corps and the DNR who make the decisions what can be done with the funds. Hopes are to utilize as much as possible to first finish the DNR requirements to fill the gaps in our dredging permit and disposal sites, to try for as much dredging deeper and wider than shown on current Army Corps “Project Specifications”, to possibly get some rock work done if needed. This is the first time we have received this kind of funding with this opportunity since 2008.

Please respond with any questions and comments regarding this.

Dave Tillmans
Will Tillmans MaryBeth Tillmans