Harbor Commission Minutes, December 16, 2019

Harbor Commission Meeting

December 16, 2019


Meeting called to order by Town of Bell Chairman Roger Lindgren at 6:35 PM

Members present: Chuck Perry, Jessica Resac, Pauline Colamatteo, Mark Halvorson, Jesse Kaseno, David Tillmans, Will Tillmans (by phone).

It was discussed that everyone had read the minutes from the last meeting; a motion was made by Jesse seconded by Chuck to accept the minutes as read. Motion carried.

Roger informed the commission of the status of the WISdot Multimodal grant application and explained how it would impact the harbor. There is a quote from Nelson Construction-$804,000 that would place sheet piling on the south wall and river side. It would be a 90/10 grant over a six-year time frame. May hear something this spring.

Elections were held by unanimous vote. Chuck Perry was elected to the position of Chairman of the Harbor Commission, Will Tillmans was elected as Vice-Chair. Pauline Colamatteo will serve as recording Secretary. Jessica Resac will assist in the mailing of correspondence, email communications with boat owners, and the collection of slip fees.

Congratulations and the Commission thanks you for their willingness to serve.

The proposed Bylaws of the Harbor Commission were discussed section by section and edited to adhere to State laws and the actual needs of our Harbor. Chuck will affect the changes and send out to the Commission for final approval.

There was no Financial Statement to approve, we will need to see what type of budget the Harbor Commission has. Pauline made a motion to postpone, Jesse seconded. Motion carried.

The Commission discussed the letter of commitment for 2020 slip leases and the General Rules. There are some items that need to be edited for our size Marina. Jessica had received a question concerning some of the language, and David had received a phone call from one boat owner unhappy with some of the rules. We will revamp and contact those customers. The letter and the rules will be finalized and addressed at the next meeting.

There is a map of the Harbor and Marina, discussion as to what is the Harbor, discussion as to the status of the Green Shed, should it be incorporated into the Harbor Commission’s Jurisdiction? We will need to have much more information to decide. A motion was made by Jesse, seconded by Jessica to table the subject until the next meeting. Motion carried.

There is a 5-year plan, it was not available for review, it will have to be discussed and updated. There is a State Harbor Assistance/DOT program that we should tap into for grant monies and expertise.

Motion made by Jesse to adjourn at 9 PM. Seconded by David. Motion carried.

Next meeting Monday, December 30, 2019, 6:00 PM. Town of Bell Town Hall.


Respectfully submitted by Pauline Colamatteo.


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