Harbor Commission Minutes Monday, August 7, 2023

Town Of Bell
Harbor Commission Meeting
Monday, August 7, 2023
1. Call To Order – The meeting was called to order by Chuck Perry at 7:00 pm. Members
present were: Chuck Perry, Matt Lazorik, Will Tillmans, Pauline Colamatteo, Doug Becker,
Jessica Resac, Dave Tillmans. Others present were Harbor Master Michael Thorson and
Harbor Secretary Nancy Thorson.
2. Minutes – Pauline made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 10th meeting. Doug
2nd. Passed unanimously. Will made a motion to approve the minutes from the July 13th
special meeting. Pauline 2nd. Passed unanimously.
3. Conflict Of Interest – None
4. Citizen Comments – None
5. Public Hearing – None
6. Reports

A. Harbor Dredge Committee – Dave Tillmans reported. There has not been a date set for the Corps sampling. There has been discussion between the people in Detroit that are trying to get everything set up for the disposal of the material. The sampling study is instrumental as to whether the material can be disposed of on the east side beach. If the material has to be hauled upland and couldn’t be put over on the east side, it will be difficult to get it done next year and it may roll over into the following year (2024). The Corps has to test the upland site where the material would be disposed of before disposing it. Chuck asked if the spoils have previously been placed up at the town gravel pit? Dave responded that Matt Hipsher doesn’t want the fines at the town pit. Dave thinks we will have to go to a private property as a possibility for disposal. However, the Corps has to have the land analyzed and tested before any spoils material is put there to make sure the existing spot doesn’t have any contaminates in it. The Corps’ plan is to get the contract done by the end of the year. Jessica asked Dave who the contact is with the DNR in Madison. Per Dave, Allan Coffman is the Madison DNR contact.

B. Green Shed Committee -Pauline reported. The construction on the Green Shed is on hold. The Museum is open Thursday thru Sunday.

C. Marina Docks and Grounds – Chuck reported. Chuck heard from Jennifer SauterSargent and asked for a motion to change the name to Marina Grounds. Paulina made a motion to change the name to Marina Grounds Committee. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.
The marina grounds committee fixed up the sign and submitted a bill for Quickcreet and screws for $68.54. Pauline made a motion to reimburse the Sauter-Sargents $68.54 for the supplies. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.
D. Sheet-pile Project – Roger reported. The Town of Bell has 1.5 million dollars in grant money. If we spend that much, we would have to pay $300,000. There was discussion as to what the marina would gain from going forward with using the grant monies for the intended project. Chuck doesn’t think we can commit because the marina can’t pay off $300,000.
Chuck wants the commission to think about the loss the marina would face if the commission made a commitment to move forward with the grant funded project, versus what benefit there
would be if we moved forward. Chuck tabled until next month. Doug asked Chuck to put a decision on the agenda next month (September).

7. Old Business
A. Ten Year Plan – Harbormaster Michael Thorson suggested to replace all existing boardwalks around the Marina with concrete. It would last longer and have less upkeep.

B. Breakwater Access – Harbormaster Michael Thorson and Chuck Perry met to measure adequate space to put in break wall access between the sand dunes (South side) and the parcel Halvorson’s rent from the Town Marina (North side). They concluded that we do not have the room to put in the walkway without disturbing the dune. If Halvorson concrete the boardwalk along the property they rent, then we can move the boardwalk up along the walkway to the break wall. The boardwalk will connect to the new concrete that the Halvorson’s potentially put in. There is space to do this, however, fill will have to be brought in.
C. Norvado – Chuck reported. – The cost for the equipment required to provide internet to the Marina is $255.00. Pauline made a motion to move forward with the Wifi. Matt 2nd.
Passed unanimously.

D. Secretary/Treasurer Job Description Revised – Nancy will send out to the commission.
8. New Business
A. New dock over sheet pile at small harbor entrance – Harbormaster Michael Thorson brought attention to a basin dock slip that has damaging metal sticking out. Michael would like to build over the protruding metal to prevent damage to boats. He envisions building a new boardwalk over the sheet piling that goes out along the west side of the small harbor to create another slip. Paulinemade a motion to repair the jagged metal and build a new slip. Jessica 2nd. Passed unanimously
B. Halvorson dock concrete walkway – Chuck is going to send a letter of permission as long as they get the proper permits. Doug made a motion to allow the Halvorson’s to put in the concrete dock at their expense Pauline 2nd. Passed unanimously
C. Deering memorial bench- The Deering family reached out about putting a memorial bench in Marina grounds for Jerry Derring. The Harbormaster will decide the best placement for an additional bench. Pauline made a motion to allow the Deering family to give the Harbor Commission a design proposal for the bench and to put the bench in the approbate spot. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.

D. Financial Statement – John Dunn still owes on his slip. Harbor Secretary Nancy Thorson will call again to collect. Jessica asked when Nancy became harbor secretary and assumed all responsibilities. Nancy stated it was January of 2023. Jessica saw that Marybeth and Janice were still getting paid in January and March of 2023 out of Marina funds. She is concerned because Nancy took over the duties in January. Jessica wants to know why they were paid out of the Marina fund. Chuck asked Matt Lazorick, Town Chairman and Harbor Commission member, to bring it to the board to talk about it.
Harbor Secretary Nancy presented the following bills: Envelops for the boat launch of $400, Bayfield Lumber $68.54, X-cell energy $341.05, and Nancy’s time card of 24 hours. Pauline made a motion to approve the bills and the timesheet for Nancy Thorson. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously
9. Communications – Jennifer Sauter-Sargent sent an email about a boat running tours out of the marina. She wanted to make sure that the Commission was aware of that. Chuck asked if the boat running tours has all its proper paperwork. Harbormaster Michael Thorson said that the boat owner has everything in for the Marina, but would need to get a transient permit from the town.
10. Adjournment – Pauline made motion to adjourn at 8:25pm. Jessica 2nd.
Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Thorson
Harbor Commission Secretary, Town of Bell