Harbor Commission Minutes Monday, June 5th, 2023

Town Of Bell
Harbor Commission Meeting Monday, June 5th, 2023

1. Call To Order – The meeting was called to order by Chuck Perry at 7:04 pm. Members present were Chuck Perry, Will Tillmans, Pauline Colamatteo, Doug Becker, Jessica Resac, Dave Tillmans. Also present Harbormaster Michael Thorson and Harbor Secretary Nancy Thorson.

2. Minutes – Pauline made a motion to approve the minutes from the May 1st meeting and the special meeting on May 10th meeting. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.

3. Conflict Of Interest – None 4. Citizen Comments – None 5. Public Hearing – None

6. Reports
A. Harbor Dredge Committee – Dave reported. Nothing new with the Army Corps. They

are still trying to schedule the borings and lab work. The excavator machine arrived today to start the dredging of the river. It should be done by this upcoming weekend.

B. Green Shed Committee – Pauline reported. They have dug up all the sill that was rotten. They are painting the inside with mold killer. They got an industrial air cleaner that is helping clean the air. They plan to open June 17. Jessica asked if putting gutters on would help with water issues. Pauline stated they have talked about putting in drain tile to help with the water issues.

C. Marina Docks and Grounds Committee – Chuck reported. Jennifer has a plan to plant flowers and fix the sign by the road.

D. Sheet-pile Project – Nothing new. Jessica asked if anyone knew when the grants expired. One grant was extended. Chuck is going to reach out to Roger to see what the grant expirations are.

7. Old Business

A. Ten Year Plan- Nothing new.

B. Breakwater Access – Doug would like to meet with Michael and Chuck about the placement of the stone for the walkway.

C. Norvado – Chuck reported. Installation will be $150.00 and then $99 a month for internet and phone service. We will not have phone service, so the monthly fee should be lower. We can downgrade the service seasonally.

D. Secretary/Treasurer Job Description Revised – Nancy gave Chuck her write up of handling money duties. He will type it up, email it out and it will be put on the agenda for approval.

8. New Business

A. Financial Statement- Nancy pointed out that on the financial statement from Marybeth that Arthur Hyde, Judith Kerr, and Matthew Hipsher were paid from the marina fund. Chuck called Marybeth to ask her about it. She told Chuck that it was a mistake and that she will fix it and send out a new financial statement. Nancy presented bills received from Mark Halvorson for the dock put in and take out from last season 2022 for $2500.00 and a bill from dock put in for this season 2023. Pauline made a motion to approve the bills for the docks going in and out, even though a disclaimer would be that one is way late. Doug 2nd it. Passed. Jessica has questions about the Profit and Loss Statement given by Marybeth. Jessica would like to see more detailed reports on the utilities, capital improvements, and wages. Nancy is going to reach out to Marybeth to get a detailed breakdown of the marina expense report. Jessica made a motion to table the financial statement until the marina secretary has contacted Marybeth to get a more detailed breakdown of the marina expenditures and the correction of Matt Hipsher, Judy Kerr, and Art Hydes wages coming out of the marina fund. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.

B. Fish Shed Shop Sanitary District Hookup – Joe Jurgensmier from the Fish Shed presented the Harbor Commission with a plan for putting in a grinder pump for their place of business. He presented a map with the location of where the placement of the pump would be. Joe is uncertain as to when the installation will happen. Chuck stated anytime after the docks come out should be good. Jessica suggested after Apple Fest weekend. Chuck told him that he needs to put something around the grinder pump so that it looks nice. Doug made a motion to approve the location of the grinder pump as long as it is approved by the Sanitary District. Pauline 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.
Joe also inquired about leasing the grounds around the building. He wants to lease 7 feet on the north and south side of his shop. On the east side he wants to lease 10 feet, and on the west side he does not give a footage. He stated that on the west side land he wants to lease that “no one uses it, that it is old land.” Michael and Nancy told him that lots of people use that land. That there is a garden there that is used by Comes Aboat. Joe explained that they want to lease the land to have more seating for their restaurant. They want to install some sort of patio. He would like to have tables and build a wall blocking his garbage cans from the parking lot. He wants to lease 1450 sq. Chuck explained to Joe that the Harbor Commission does not lease the land around the harbor shops for various reasons, legal and other. Chuck explained that the business may use the land around their shop to facilitate the running of the business, i.e. chairs, plants, other things. Joe said the biggest thing is getting the trash cans behind something so they are not visible to the public. Chuck told him to bring that to another meeting to discuss the options they might have.

9. Communications – None

10. Adjournment – Pauline made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:17p.m. Doug 2nd. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Thorson, HarborSecretary