Larry and Marcy Dorau Answer Questions About Including Land in The Estuary Protection Project

This is a letter to register our support for the proposal to transfer the ownership of our 5 acres as well as the 95 acres of the Swenson property along the Siskiwit River to the Town of Bell to be administered by the BRC. A couple of misunderstandings have come up in town meetings regarding our participation in this and I would like to set the record straight.
1: We are doing this because of our belief that public access to this land benefits the potential users as well as all of us in this extraordinary place. It is an honor to be included in the transaction that will honor the lifetime contributions that Dorothy and Dennis Swenson have made to this town.
2: The money we will receive from the BRC will approximately cover the expenses for the required survey and appraisal.
3: We support the building of a silt settling pool in the river or the diversion plan that has been discussed.
4: We have owned a cabin on Spirit Point for 25 years and hope to continue to be invested in this community for many years.
5: As you may know, the rest of our property that includes Cornucopia Cabins is for sale. This is lot 1 in the survey and contains some buildable land. The land that we intend to deed to the BRC contains no buildable land.
Hope this helps,
Larry Dorau
Marcy Armstrong-Dorau