March 5 Planning Commission Minutes

Town of Bell Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2020


Meeting called to order at 4:07 by Jackie Eid

Commission members present: Mark Ehlers, Dave Tillmans, Greg Weiss, Gordon Anderson, Jackie Eid

Members of the public: Phil Moye

Approval of February meeting minutes. Motion Mark Ehlers, second Dave Tillmans. Unanimous.

Correspondence from Ross Baker D.O.T.  Update on crosswalk and permitting for dynamic radar signs.

2020 Goals and Objectives: finalized. Have all elements covered.

Survey: Have forwarded the survey to Roger Peck to put on the website. Have asked him to exclude the contact info on the last 2 ½ pages. Will finalize any amendments at the April Planning Commission meeting. Will set hearing date to coincide with the May Town of Bell board meeting to accept amendments.

We reviewed the ordinances we were tasked with. Recommendations will be made to the Town of Bell Board.

Class A Special Use: Debra Mounsey. Motion was made to table due to lack of time to review by Mark Ehlers and second by Dave Tillmans. Unanimous. Paperwork was dropped off late on Wednesday March 4 not allowing time to review or visit site. Our recommendation is a 10 day prior notice. Will be forwarding her our Permit & Variance Application Criteria. Will be placed on the April agenda for the Planning Commission.

April 16, 2020 at 4:00p.m. is the next meeting. Downstairs meeting room.

Motion to adjourn at 6:28 p.m. Dave Tillmans second Greg Weiss. Unanimous.


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