Mountain Road Improvement

Potential Improvement to Mountain Road

Dear Resident/ Business Owner

Subject:  Mountain Road

You may be aware that the current culvert structure that carries the Siskiwit River under Mountain Road is failing.  We are very concerned that in the case of a major storm event culvert failure may result in a total and significant washout and prolonged road closure until repairs can be made.

To avoid this issue, we are applying for a federal grant to replace the failing culvert with a proper structure that will be designed to handle significant storm events such as a 100-year rain event.

We need your help. Will you answer the following:

  1. Mountain Road is important to me be because:
  2. If Mountain Road was impassible, I would be inconvenienced by:
  3. Any other comments about the importance of keeping Mountain Road open

This is an urgent matter; we need to submit our completed application mid-March.

Please reply promptly to